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Season 4

Episode 80

(The last supper (2)

"Please come downstairs and have dinner. Joe is home from school and Lily cooked dinner," said Cherry softly. She treated Jackson with incomparable tenderness.

Cherry waited for a long time but Jackson didn't answer.

Cherry squatted down next to him, resting her hands on Jackson's leg. She looked at him closely, gauging his expression and said gently, "Come down to eat now, please?"

"I don't want anything, I am not hungry." Jackson's voice was dry and cracked with grief when he finally opened his mouth. He knew she was placating him and seeing Cherry's appearance, her expression was very lovely, and he loved it so much, but when he thought about Grandpa's death, he wasn't sure he could love her anymore.

Cherry reached out and touched Jackson's face tenderly. She pleaded, "How can you not eat anything? Look at yourself. You're thinner. Please come downstairs for dinner now?"

Cherry tried to coax Jackson in a coquettish manner. In the past, he would do whatever she asked when she treated him gently and behaved well in front of him, so she tried that now. She wanted to remind him that he wasn't alone. Even though Grandpa passed away she would stay with him, as well as their son. They would be with him for the rest of his life.
Jackson put his hand over Cherry's and slowly removed it from his face, so he couldn't feel her touch against his skin. Then, he looked in her eyes and said, "I have something to tell you."

Since Jackson was talking to her, Cherry's heart skipped a beat with happiness. Recently, Jackson wouldn't talk to anyone, and finally, he wanted to talk to her, which meant she remained in his heart. He must love her!

"Well, yes! Anything! Whatever you want to tell me, I'll listen carefully!" said Cherry happily, nodding her head profusely.

It became difficult for Jackson to speak his mind when he saw how happy it was making Cherry. Finally though, Jackson decided he would tell her.

"You and Joe are to move back to the villa tomorrow," Jackson spoke slowly, with a defeated sadness in his voice. As Jackson finished speaking, Cherry's smile stiffened, and crumbled, gradually disappearing.

Cherry stared in disbelief at Jackson. She couldn't believe what he had just said. What was he doing? Was he driving them away from the residential compound? That was the Chu Family home! So did that mean he was driving them from the Chu Family?

Cherry shook her head, unwilling to believe Jackson's words, but, he had plainly said them. They came from his mouth, so, how could she deceive herself? There was only the two of them in the study, and since she hadn't said them, the words were definitely from Jackson. Those were Jackson's words, right?

Cherry calmed her emotions, and slowly stood up. She didn't want to quarrel or have a problem with Jackson. She was so tired lately. She stayed up with Jackson all night, grieving for Grandpa, and she dealt with housework during the day with Lily and Bill, add to that she took care of her son. She was worn out, physically and mentally. In light of Jackson's decision, what could she say? What right did she have to resist?

Jackson had the right to make any decision for the Chu Family, so, didn't the fate of her son and she rest in Jackson's hands?

The study was so quiet, Cherry could almost hear Jackson breathing.

After a long time, Cherry got up, and slowly turned, walked to the door. Just as she was about to leave the study, she stopped and said keeping her voice even, "Well, tomorrow morning I'll leave with my son."

The tears were silently flowing before Cherry was finished, but she quickly wiped them away with her hands. She took a deep breath, and finished, "Come down and have dinner with us tonight.

We might not have another chance..." Cherry hurried out without finishing. She knew Jackson understood, but she didn't know whether he would join them for this last meal or not. It was his decision after all.

Cherry went downstairs and refrained from crying. She went and sat next her son.

Joe saw his Mommy come down alone, and knew his Daddy was still unwilling to have dinner with them. He knew his father was sad and angry still about his Great-Grandpa's death.

Joe picked chopsticks up from the table and handed a pair to his Mommy. He said, "Mommy, let's eat."

Seeing the chopsticks her son held out, Cherry took them and forced herself to smile, saying, "Okay!"

Joe was worried about his Daddy when he saw his Mommy's face. He asked, "Mommy, is Daddy not coming to eat?"

Cherry didn't know how to answer him. She didn't even know how to tell him what Jackson just told her, so, how could she answer this simple question?

Cherry dished food into her son's bowl telling him, "Joe, eat quickly! You need to eat it all, because you are growing, okay?"

Joe suddenly burst into tears, because he knew his Mommy was trying to hide her grief. He knew his Mommy was very upset, and grieving. He didn't know what his parents discussed upstairs, but it took a long time, and his Daddy didn't come down, and his Mommy wouldn't give him an answer now.

Joe knew his Mommy was evading his question. He picked his chopsticks up, lowered his head and ate his food, without asking any more questions.


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