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Season 4

Episode 78

(Chaos in the living room (2)

"No, I have to teach her a lesson. She is such a bitch that she ruined our Chu family. I will let her payback for all the disasters that she had brought to our family. She is ungrateful and what she brought to us was nothing but bad luck! She does not deserve to stay in our home."

John's words were useless to Lucia. She continued hitting Cherry: she hit Cherry's head with heavy fists and tore her hair violently.

While this was happening, Derek and Selina arrived at the house and heard all the noise coming from the living room. The new arrivals quickly rushed towards to commotion.

"Stop!" Derek shouted angrily at Lucia.

Lucia was surprised by the stern voice addressed to her and unwillingly obeyed the order; she stopped.

Selina immediately stepped between Lucia and Cherry. She pushed Lucia away and pulled Cherry to her side.

Joe walked towards his mother, stood beside her and held her hands tightly.

The boy cast a furious look at Lucia and warned in a loud voice, "Lucia, how dare you hit my mother! You will pay for this. I will not forget you and what you did to my Mom!"

Hearing what Joe said, Lucia was taken aback by the warning given by the Child.

She stood still and fell silent, but her heart was still full of rage and fury.

Cherry stayed quiet. Selina noticed the harsh beating she had gone through. Her hair was in a mess, her face had been scratched by fingernails. There were traces of blood. Her beautiful face and skin were now red and had started to swell. Selina felt pity for her friend and disgusted towards Lucia. Lucia's action was no different from that of an animal.

Selina gently smoothed her friend's disheveled hair and wiped the blood from her face. She felt like crying for Cherry. She was wondering why Cherry allowed Lucia to attack her, to hurt her.

This was so unlike her friend, she thought.

Derek glanced at Jackson and didn't understand why he would be so calm sitting there while Lucia was hitting Cherry. Was he so heartbroken by Andrew's death that he was no longer himself? Or did he blame Cherry for his grandfather's death?

He knew that Jackson was under so much stress these past days and Andrew's death was like a snowstorm that killed everything on its path. He looks so tired and fragile. All of this Derek could see just by looking at the sitting figure because he knew Jackson too well.

Then Derek turned to look at Lucia and sternly said, "Stop being a warmonger!

It's not up to you to make trouble here! If you are here to mourn over Grandpa, you should do what you should do. If not, please get out of here!"

Lucia didn't dare contradict what Derek said. Derek represented Jackson's words. She knew clearly that it was already a miracle that Jackson didn't stop her when she was hitting Cherry.

If she dared to resist Derek, Jackson would go mad, and she could not imagine what consequences it would bring. He was one of the few people that Jackson trusted and was very close to.

Lucia knew that Derek was like a brother to Jackson. If Jackson did not lift a finger to defend his wife, he would certainly move heaven and earth for him.

Lucia fiercely looked into Cherry's eyes and in a furious voice, said, "Cherry Shen, you just wait and see. I'm not yet done with you."

Saying This, Lucia turned away and went upstairs to Grandpa's room.

Cherry with her head bowed down remained silent. She endured Lucia's attacks because she felt sorry for Andrew. She didn't want to resist Lucia in front of Andrew's remains. Grandpa's biggest wish while he was alive, was that the whole family, Ye, and the Chu, could exist harmoniously together. She respected this and obeyed what his last wish! But what saddened her, even more, was Jackson's apathetic and indifferent treatment towards her. He allowed Lucia to attack her. He did not even lift his head to his son's imploring voice.

'Is he blaming me for Grandpa's death? Does he hate me?' Cherry asked herself.

Derek walked in front of Cherry, looking worried and with concern asked, "Cherry, are you okay?"

Cherry gave him a weak smile. She needed to pretend to be strong and didn't want others to worry about her.

Selina concerned her but was angry at her at the same time. She said, "How could you be okay? Can't you see how violent Lucia was to you?"

Selina then turned to Jackson and in an angry voice, asked, "Jackson, how could you just watch Cherry being hit? Don't you care about her at all?"

She was irritated at everything: Lucia's hitting Cherry, Cherry's forbearance and Jackson's indifference. Her heart went out to Cherry. Selina was a friend and could only do so much to protect Cherry.
Joe suddenly walked in front of his Daddy, looked at Jackson and furiously asked, "Daddy, you once said that you would protect me and Mommy. Why did you not keep your words? You knew how Lucia hates Mommy. Why did you allow her to hurt Mommy? I hate you, you don't deserve us."

Jackson was irritated by Joe's words. He slowly raised his head and fiercely glared at Joe and said, "Dare you to say it again!"

Jackson's words frightened everyone. He looked like an angry lion who just woke up from sleep. His presence was so scary that no one dared to say a word.

Joe looked at his Daddy's eyes and was scared. He looked terrible! He had never seen him this angry. No one had.

Knowing that Jackson was furious, Cherry hastily said to her son, "Joe, come over here!"

Joe heard his mother call his name and walked away from Jackson. The boy moved towards his Mother.

Cherry held her son's hands, hugged him and knelt down to look him into his eyes. Cherry told him to leave his Daddy alone, because he was not feeling well nor in a good mood.

Joe understood his mother's words and kept quiet.

Selina was feeling suffocated with the heavy atmosphere in the living room, she could no longer stand the tension.

"Cherry, let's go to the washroom to tidy up your hair," she suggested to her friend.

"Okay," Cherry nodded and said to her son, "Joe, let's go!"

"Okay," said Joe. Cherry felt that she and Joe needed to relax and breathe. They needed some time away from Jackson.

Derek waited for her sister, Cherry and Joe to leave the room. Once they were out of sight he walked towards Jackson and sat beside him. In a low voice, he said, "I have talked with Eric and Jonson.

Bobby will take good care of everything! They will wait for your order!"

"How about the barracks?" asked Jackson, while lowering his head. "Nothing happened at the barracks. Everything is clear," said Derek.

"Derek," called Jackson.

"Yeah? What is it?" Derek asked. Hearing Jackson's serious tone, Derek knew that he was about to tell him something important.

"Prepare the application form and submit it in a few days. I am ready to retire after Grandpa's funeral is done," said Jackson, in a firm tone.

"What?" asked Derek, surprised by what he heard. He couldn't believe his ears. 'What does Jackson mean? What is he planning to do?' he thought.


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