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Season 4

Episode 76

(Here comes the grevious news (2)

The doctor bowed his head and said, "Okay, I'll handle and coordinate the transfer." the doctor said to Derek and left.

Cherry felt drained, her body too weak to even stand up. She found herself putting her head on Selina's shoulder. She couldn't bear the sorrow of losing Andrew, let along Jackson. What's next?

How would Jackson deal with her? He wouldn't let her end well, would he? she thought silently and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, Jackson gently called, "Derek."

"Yes?" Derek replied.

"Ask Bobby to announce the news that Andrew has passed away; order Eric and Jonson not to do anything before the end of Andrew's funeral. If anyone dares to disobey," Jackson thought for a while before he continued, "lose them."

Derek nodded, looking at the Jackson who was now calm and seemed to be more of himself now, "Got it. I'll do it now." Derek said.

Derek knew the situation has turned to worse. Jackson now needs to carry the responsibility of being the head of the Chu family. Being the eldest Grandson he will inherit Andrew's power and position, but along with it is the pressure and responsibility.

Jackson then walked out of the emergency room.

Derek turned to Cherry and Selina and said to Selina. "Selina, take good care of Cherry." Then he left and followed Jackson out.

Selina nodded, "Okay, I know. Derek, just go and do your business. Don't worry about us." She answered as her brother walked away.

Derek and Jackson left the hospital premises.

Many people gathered in the Chu Family home, the house atmosphere was in chaos. Lily fixed the mourning hall up with the rest of the servants; Bill was busy driving around town doing errands; Derek and Bobby welcomed the mourning relatives and friends in the parlor located in the first floor. Jackson was, however, nowhere to be seen.

In Andrew's room on the second floor, Jackson sat still by Andrew's bedside. He sat silently, looking somber. He missed his Grandfather so much.

Cherry was sitting on the chair not far away. Her eyes were swollen yet her tears does not seem to have an end. She too missed the old man.

Joe leaned at Cherry. He was quiet, although he did not say anything, it was obvious that he missed his great-grandfather.

Sometimes Joe would whisper to his mother, "Mommy, I miss great grandpa! Cherry would then hug his son and kiss his forehead. She would then whisper to him, "I also miss him."

This time Joe cried and said, "Mommy, I hate to apart with great grandpa. I miss him!"

Cherry didn't know what to tell her son. She tried to turn to Jackson for his help, but Jackson remained stoic. It was as if they were not there in the room with him.

Cherry took Joe into her arms to settle and calm him down.

She sat beside him and hugged him until he stopped crying.

Cherry tried to stand up, but her feet suddenly gave way and fell down. She was already exhausted.

Joe tried to hold Cherry up, started crying and panicking. "Mommy, Mommy, what's wrong with you?"

Cherry knew that she must stand up immediately to calm her son, She did not want to add to the chaos now happening in the parlor. Jackson, after arriving from the hospital have not spoken any word to anyone. Cherry was left alone to handle the family affairs, with the added responsibility of taking care of both Jackson and Joe.

"Don't worry Joe, this is nothing, I'm fine," Cherry said, trying to relax her son's panicked look. She took a glimpse at Jackson and saw that he did not budge.

'He didn't even glance at me!' Cherry thought. She felt her heart break once more, 'He really doesn't care about me?'

She concluded. 'Does he hate me because of Andrew's death? Does he blame me?'

Tears flowed down Cherry's cheek. She stood up and then left Andrew's room, holding Joe's hand.

That evening, Cherry didn't leave Joe's room. She stayed with him until he fell asleep.

Cherry walked down the stairs, feeling her heart aching. She saw Jackson kneeling on the floor before the mourning hall.

Lily approached Cherry and said, "Madam, Mr. Jackson hasn't eaten anything the whole day. Can you please try to persuade him to eat something?

I'm worried that he might get sick." Cherry heard Lily and asked, "Do you have a meal prepared for him?"

Lily immediately replied, "Yes, I have. It is in the dining hall."

Cherry then said, "Okay, I'll take care of it. You can have a rest now. I'll clean the kitchen after Jackson has had his meal."

Lilly was also worried about Cherry. Cherry looked so tired, "Okay. Madam, please rest early as well. There will be more guests tomorrow," Lily reminded Cherry.

"Okay, thank you, Lily." Cherry walked towards Jackson.

Jackson was aware that Cherry was walking towards him, that she was close. Jackson was very familiar with her steps and breathing.

Cherry slowly squatted down beside Jackson. She looked at Jackson, gently said, "Jackson, how about eating something?"

Jackson didn't reply. His eyes were staring at Andrew's picture and his mind was filled with Andrew's figure.

Cherry tried to hold Jackson's hand when he didn't respond and said once more, "Jackson, come and eat..."

Before Cherry could finish her words, Jackson tossed Cherry's hand away, shouting, "Fuck off!"

Cherry almost fell down if not for her hand that was on the floor supporting her.

Cherry slowly stood up and looked at Jackson. Cherry couldn't tell what he was thinking based on how he looked.

Cherry suspected that Jackson must still be very angry with her. He no longer trusted her. He had not forgiven her. Andrew's death was a heavy blow for Jackson. He must now be in so much pain.

Cherry stopped asking Jackson to have a meal. Instead, she has decided to keep vigil over Andrew's body with Jackson.

Cherry, like Jackson, kneeled alongside Jackson. She remembered the days when she had been with Andrew. Since she married Jackson and came into the Chu Family, Andrew had been very kind to her and took good care of her. All these were unforgettable for her.

However, she had no idea about what John and Andrew had talked about.

Could their conversation have stressed out Andrew and contributed to his failing health? Was Andrew really that sick? Or had something happened?


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