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Season 11

Episode 60

(Can You Come with Me? (20)

The meeting between Qin Jiayan’s and Xia Yi’s parents was a great success, and Mother Qin was extremely pleased with Xia Yi, while Xia Yi’s parents couldn’t have liked Qin Jiayan better. Their parents hit it off instantly, and the marriage was agreed upon during the meeting.

As the parents discussed the date for the marriage, they then remembered to seek the opinion of Qin Jiayan and Xia Yi. Just as she had done at Gu Yusheng’s villa when Mother Qin had asked her when her parents would be available to meet, Xia Yi turned to Qin Jiayan with a look of complete obedience, as if she would listen to anything that he said. Under the gaze of everyone seated at the table, he replied without hesitation, “I’ll go with your arrangements.”

When Mother Qin and Xia Yi’s parents heard his reply, they became even happier, and both mothers instantly began talking about consulting someone for an auspicious date to hold the engagement banquet.

The subsequent events developed more smoothly and quickly than what Qin Jiayan had expected.

Three days after the parents had met, Mother Qin excitedly barged into Qin Jiayan’s room early in the morning while he was brushing his teeth. Holding a piece of paper in her hand, she stood at the bathroom door and told Qin Jiayan that she had already found a master to look at their dates and times of birth and that the best date to hold the banquet was on the 18th the following month, just 20 days away.

Forty days had already passed since Qin Jiayan had decided to let go of Su Qing. During that time, he had not run into her nor heard any news about her. If he did not object and agreed with his mother, in 20 days he and Su Qing would be irrevocably in two different worlds.

Qin Jiayan stopped brushing his teeth for a moment, but he did not dare to lift his head to look into the mirror in front of him. He was afraid to see the trace of hesitation on his face. He loudly acknowledged his mother in a determined voice that sounded more like he was saying it for himself. “If you think that we can make it in time, then I have no issue with that.”

Mother Qin had yearned to hear such a response from Qin Jiayan when she had urged him to get married in the past. But now that Qin Jiayan was so agreeable with everything that she had proposed about his marriage, while Mother Qin was happy, she also felt that something was amiss. She remained at the bathroom door and stared for a moment at Qin Jiayan brushing his teeth before she asked, “Jiayan, is something bothering you?”

Qin Jiayan looked up and, through the mirror, he caught sight of his mother looking at him. He then shook his head and said, “No, why do you ask?”

“I just feel like something is off…” After a pause, Mother Qin revealed her heartfelt thoughts and asked, “Jiayan, are you serious about the marriage?”

Qin Jiayan was not in a rush to reply to his mother. After thoroughly rinsing his mouth, he turned around and looked at her with a gentle, pure expression in his eyes. “I never joke about marriage.”

Mother Qin heaved a sigh of relief as her heart felt slightly more at ease. When Qin Jiayan finished washing his face, she stared at him again for a while. When she saw how casual and graceful his movements were, she became even more certain that she was overthinking, and she turned and left his bedroom without another word.

After the door closed behind her, the entire room sunk into complete silence, and Qin Jiayan finally lifted his hand to turn off the water.

As though he had fossilized, he lowered his head and stared at the clean, white basin for a long time before he pulled out his towel and slowly dried the water droplets from his face.


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