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Season 11

Episode 59

(Can You Come with Me? (19)

Xia Yi turned to look at Qin Jiayan when she heard his voice and replied, “Yes?”

Qin Jiayan stared out the car window into the dark night and remained silent for a long time.

She frowned and then prompted him again. “Jiayan?”

As though he had not heard her, he instinctively clutched the steering wheel. Then he seemed to have made up his mind about something; he pursed his lips slightly and tilted his head to look at Xia Yi as he said, “Let me know when you’re free in the next few days. I want you to come have dinner at my house.”

Because he was sure that he wanted to start a new life with Xia Yi, Qin Jiayan knew that he should ask her to be his girlfriend or, at least, to date him exclusively, but he had said these words to Su Qing when he had been young, so he had difficulty getting them out now, thus he had only managed to ask her to come to his home for dinner.

Afraid that Xia Yi would not fully understand what he had meant with his invitation, Qin Jiayan added, “My mother and sister would like to meet you.”

Xia Yi did understand what he had meant when he clarified that he wanted her to meet his family. Even though they had not known each other for long and their relationship had been quickly developing, a glimmer of light surfaced in her eyes. She instinctively wanted to say that any time would be fine for her but, because she felt that would sound too unreserved, she merely said the word “I” before her face flushed red. She lowered her head and asked quietly, “Jiayan, does what you said earlier mean that you want to… You want to…”

Xia Yi was at a loss for what she wanted to say after “you want to” a few times.

Qin Jiayan knew what she wanted to express. Without waiting for her to continue, he softly acknowledged her to cut her off.

Xia Yi’s face turned even redder. After clutching onto her clothes with her tiny hands and hanging her head for a moment, she eventually told him that any time would work for her. After that, she hurriedly pushed open the door to her apartment building and ran inside.

Xia Yi went over to Gu Yusheng’s villa for dinner the following night.

As Xia Yi was the first girl whom Qin Jiayan had ever introduced to his mother, who couldn’t wait for her son to get married, she was especially friendly toward Xia Yi.

The more sensible and obedient Xia Yi sounded in her soft, gentle voice, the more Mother Qin liked her.

As Xia Yi and Qin Jiayan had developed a good impression of one another since their blind date, their next step would definitely be to get engaged and married. Thus, when it was time for dinner, Mother Qin asked directly, “Xia Yi, ask your parents when they would be free to have dinner together?”

Xia Yi obviously knew what Mother Qin meant: When both parties’ parents meet, they naturally settle on affairs regarding marriage. Instinctively, Xia Yi turned to look at Qin Jiayan. When she saw that he showed no signs of objecting, she then flashed a smile at Mother Qin. “I’ll ask them tonight when I get home, and I’ll let Jiayan know.”

That night, Qin Jiayan drove Xia Yi home and, 15 minutes after he dropped her off, she called him to say she had already spoken to her parents. She told him that they would be free on Sunday and asked if he was okay with that day.

With his Bluetooth headphones on, Qin Jiayan steered along the empty streets for a long time before he finally blinked his eyes and snapped out of his daze. He then replied gently, “No problem. I’ll get someone to make the arrangements tomorrow. I’ll send you the exact venue and time as soon as possible.”

Xia Yi was overjoyed when she heard his reply and then chatted with him in a smiley tone of voice for some time. When she remembered that he was still driving, she voiced a gentle concern for him to drive slowly before she reluctantly said goodbye and ended the call.


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