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Season 11

Episode 58

(Can You Come with Me? (18)

It was not merely a casual remark that Qin Jiayan had made to his mother. He was seriously beginning to consider the matchmaking.
When meeting with each girl his mother had arranged for him, he engaged in especially deep conversations with them while paying attention the names and ages of every single one of them.

Within just two weeks, he had met with eight girls, and he had memorized the name and phone number of each one.

Out of the eight, Qin Jiayan eventually chose to have a second meet-up with the seventh girl he’d had a blind date with.

That girl was younger than him by seven years and had just graduated from college. She was from an average family and was prettier than most. Her skin was fair and, while her features were not exquisite, she grew on one, and she always looked exceptionally pure.

She had worn an ordinary white T-shirt and jeans with a matching pair of white shoes on their blind date. Her entire being exuded a youthful vibe, and after she had sat down, she had flashed Qin Jiayan a smile before she had even opened her mouth to speak.

That smile was very pleasant and pleasing to the eye. She looked as clean and pure as spring water with no impurities.

Because of that smile, I want to see her again.

And she has a nice name—Xia Yi.

Xia Yi had also admired Qin Jiayan, and she gladly accepted his invitation when he asked her out for tea.

They had arranged to meet at three in the afternoon, but Qin Jiayan intentionally arrived an hour early. After being seated, he ordered a glass of plain water and waited patiently for 30 minutes before Xia Yi arrived.

Xia Yi was again dressed simply, as she had been on their first blind date. After entering, she spotted Qin Jiayan and waved at him from afar and smiled before she pointed in his direction and whispered something to the waiter. After that, she lithely walked over to Qin Jiayan.

Compared to their first blind date, both of them were clearly more familiar with each other, and they chatted randomly about everything under the sun.

After a long time together, Qin Jiayan drove Xia Yi home at the end of their date. On their way back, Xia Yi recalled that she would be heading to the countryside on Saturday and asked if Qin Jiayan would be keen to go. Qin Jiayan, who was driving his car, pondered for two seconds before nodding his head.

When Xia Yi saw that he agreed, she lowered her head and smiled slightly as she bit into her lip. A hint of a young girl’s anxiousness appeared at the corners of her brows.

After returning from their trip to the countryside, Qin Jiayan was genuinely interested in Xia Yi, so he asked for a dinner date.

Everything between Qin Jiayan and Xia Yi happened naturally. They met up frequently several times and, coincidentally, on Chinese Valentine’s Day, Xia Yi asked Qin Jiayan out and he accepted. When he realized it would be Valentine’s Day on their date, he prepared a special gift for her.

After their dinner, Xia Yi suggested that they take a walk along the nearby promenade. As they strolled the promenade among the numerous people out on Valentine’s Day, someone bumped into Xia Yi, causing her to stumble. Qin Jiayan reached out his hand to steady her. Xia Yi trembled and lifted her head to look at Qin Jiayan with a glimmer in her eyes. Under her gaze, Qin Jiayan turned his eyes away, but he continued holding onto her wrist for the rest of their walk.

Later that night, after Qin Jiayan had driven Xia Yi home and she was heading inside, he parked the car at the foot of her apartment building and, before she turned to wave goodbye, he called out her name, “Xia Yi.”

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