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Season 11

Episode 55

(Can You Come with Me? (15)

Su Qing’s eyes filled with astoundment as if she had heard something unbelievable, and she gaped slightly at Qin Jiayan.

He said, “Su Qing, leave with me, alright?”

Twelve years ago, I disregarded everything and gave up on him. To think that he would actually still want me more than a decade later…

Su Qing’s body began to tremble from a combination of feelings—excitement, anxiousness, joy, and warmth.

“Su Qing, divorce him. Divorce him no matter what price you have to pay. I will do my best to help you find the best lawyer, alright?” Qin Jiayan gazed into Su Qing’s eyes.

Maintaining her same expression, Su Qing gazed back fixedly at Qin Jiayan without responding as if she was a fool.

Qin Jiayan read her lack of response as hesitance, and he slightly increased the force of his grip on her shoulders. “Su Qing, don’t be afraid. As long as I’m here, there’s nothing that he can threaten you with.”

Qin Jiayan’s grip began to hurt Su Qing’s shoulders, causing her to snap out of her daze.

“There’s nothing that he can threaten you with”… In the past, this might have been true. Back then, I had no backing, but now that they have backed me, I can’t escape from the Lin family’s claws.

Su Qing wanted to be selfish and willful. She wanted to nod her head at Qin Jiayan and say, “Alright, Jiayan. I’ll leave with you. Throughout all these years, you have no idea how many times I had hoped that you would appear to rescue me from this hell.”

But she couldn’t, because the Lin family had a hold on her, and she had no choice but to stay with them.


No one could imagine how much effort it took for Su Qing to force these words out of her mouth.

Perhaps because her voice was too soft and he didn’t hear her, or perhaps because he refused to accept her answer, Qin Jiayan continued to look into her eyes with a serious expression and a glimmer of hope as if he could not wait for her to nod her head and they could immediately leave together in his car.

Su Qing’s eyes began to drift and, when she met his eyes once again, her expression became resolute, and she repeated her answer again. “No.”

Su Qing could distinctly feel Qin Jiayan’s hands freeze as he clutched her shoulders.

Her heart instantly wrenched in pain. Afraid that she could not hold on any longer, she continued to speak clearly without any hesitation or pause in a straightforward tone of voice. “I will not leave with you, and neither will I divorce Lin Mo. Even though he treats me badly, he is still my husband—my legal husband.”

Qin Jiayan’s pupils shrank, and all his emotions were instantly buried within the pitch-black depths of his eyes.

Su Qing thought that Qin Jiayan would be angry, but he simply looked at her emotionlessly for a long time before he said in an unexpectedly gentle voice, “Xiao’qing, are you afraid that you would burden me if you leave with me? You don’t need to be afraid… I’m no longer the poor Qin Jiayan whom I used to be. I’m rich now. I have a lot of money, and I can give you whatever the Lin family can provide for you… And even better than that…”

“One more thing. Do you know about the Gu Company? Their CEO is my brother-in-law. My actual brother-in-law—”

During all the years that Qin Jiayan’s sister had been married, regardless of the trouble that he had run into, he never once had told anyone that Gu Yusheng was his brother-in-law.


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