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Season 11

Episode 51

(Can You Come with Me? (11)

Qin Jiayan suddenly stopped and fixed his gaze on the sea of red for a long time before he slowly reached out his hands and pulled off the bedsheet to hold it up before himself.

With all the lights on in the bedroom, the red was exceptionally clear and bright.

As many days had passed, the red had darkened, but Qin Jiayan could still tell that it was blood.

Where did this bloodstain on the sheet come from?

Qin Jiayan pursed his lips tightly for a while. The scene of that night, which he had tried hard not to think about when he had been on a business trip, flashed across his mind once again.

That night, because he had drunk alcohol, he had been less sensitive. He still vaguely remembered that when he had thrust into her body, he had met with some resistance; however, he had not considered what that might have meant, as he had been rushed and too indulgent. Because she had been married to Lin Mo for so long, he certainly had not expected her to still be a virgin.

No wonder she had mumbled that it hurt when I entered her… So this was the reason…

Qin Jiayan’s sense of shock was indescribable and made him doubtful. His mind blanked out for a long time, and his hands began to tremble slowly as he held onto the sheet.

She left me so many years ago, and has been married to another man for so long, but she was still a virgin…

And even though she is married to another man, they’re a married couple in name only, and he abuses her like he does… Their marriage is clearly just a show.

When he had woken up the morning after their intimacy, he had considered taking her away from her hellish marriage, but before he’d had a chance to discuss this with her, she had already taken the initiative to say that they should pretend that nothing had happened. At that moment, he had felt completely wretched about the thought he’d just had, and his embarrassment turned into fury. Even after he had regained his composure, and still been in disbelief over the bruises covering her body, he had actually told her that it served her right.

It was at that moment that he had realized that he was jealous. He was jealous that she had still refused to leave the man who had treated her so cruelly.

Back then, she had been the one who had ditched him and their relationship. Even though the thought of patching up with her again had popped up in his mind many times, he had been unwilling to face it and had tried hard to accept that they had gone their separate ways.

But right now, the patch of red on the bedsheet crumbled all his defenses.

Qin Jiayan suddenly cast the bedsheet in his hands to the floor. Without even changing out of his pajamas, he grabbed his car keys and dashed to the garage in the basement. After getting into the car and starting it, he slammed hard onto the accelerator and sped out of the parking garage to the Lin family home.

I must be crazy to do this… But I’m willing to be crazy for her again.

The car sped through the dark night and quickly came to a stop in front of the entrance of the Lin family’s neighborhood.

Qin Jiayan sat in the car and groped for his phone to call Su Qing, who answered after an exceptionally long time.

That night after she had stayed over at his place, as if under the spell of divine forces, he had taken her phone to call his own number, and that was how he had saved her phone number.

As Su Qing was unaware of his number, she sounded puzzled when she answered the call. “Hi. Who’s calling?”

Qin Jiayan held onto his phone in silence for a moment before he said simply, “It’s me.”

When she recognized his voice, he clearly heard her abruptly gasp.


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