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Season 11

Episode 50

(Can You Come with Me? (10)

Those bruises are not from our having sex last night.

They’re the result of being hit by a stick or subjected to a heavy blow.

Their color makes them seem like they’ve been there for a few days.

Qin Jiayan was now visibly staring at her bruises. He didn’t stop until Su Qin struggled out of his grip, at which point he lifted both hands, managed to grab her zipper, and unzipped her dress. Her struggle was pointless as he pulled her dress apart and examined her body.

Last night, the lights had not been on when they had sex and, even if they had been on, their passion had been so extreme they hadn’t taken time to look at one another’s body.

After taking a closer look at her body now, however, he discovered her delicate back covered with scars and bruises of all colors. Not an inch of her back had not been traumatized.

Qin Jiayan had twice witnessed Lin Mo beating her, and he suddenly realized what had happened to Su Qing.

Her husband did this to her…

How could she not divorce him when he treats her like sh*t?

Do I feel bad for her? Should I be mad at her?

His rationale dissipated as he continued looking at her scars and bruises. His expression turned cold and he suddenly shouted, “You deserve it!”

Su Qing’s body began to shake, but she turned around and stared at him.

Qin Jiayan responded to her glare with hostility. “I said you married him for the money, and you indeed got the violence you deserve!”

As if she didn’t understand what he said, she continued staring at him without blinking for a very long time, and her dark pupils began to quiver.

He had expected her to cry or get angry, but she looked down to avoid his eyes before any emotion showed up on her face.

She stood quietly in front of him. Thinking she was quietly crying, he loosened his grip on her wrist. They both stood motionless that way for several minutes until she suddenly shook her hand out of his and stepped back. She zipped her dress up and silently left.

After hearing the door being pulled open and then close, Qin Jiayan stood motionlessly for a long time in the large, empty apartment.

Qin Jiayan’s phone rang an hour after Su Qing had left.

Immediately after the call, he went straight to his company office without even going back to his bedroom. He remained busy for the entire afternoon, and it was six in the evening when he finished his work.

Without a dinner to attend, when Mother Qin called to invite him to dinner, he agreed even though he was not really in the mood for a family dinner, but he didn’t want to go back to his own apartment, either.

He stayed at Gu Yusheng’s villa out of convenience. The next morning, he received a call from his assistant saying he needed to go on a business trip immediately.

Qin Jiayan got up, washed and dressed, and went directly to the airport without even stopping at his office first.

Five days later, he returned. It was eight o’clock in the evening when he got off the plane. His driver was waiting for him at the airport and, when he saw Qin Jiayan, he asked, “Where are we going?”

Qin Jiayan took a seat in the back and stared at Beijing’s night view from the window thinking for a long time before saying, “Yaho.”

When he got home, he made something to eat first and then took a shower. As he did not employ a cleaner, he retrieved new sheets and a blanket, carried them toward the bed, and placed them on the sofa next to the bed. He then started pulling off the old sheet when he saw a patch of red in the center of the sheet.

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