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Season 11

Episode 48

(Can You Come with Me? (8)

Su Qin waited until the bedroom door was closed before heaving a long sigh; then she looked in the bag that Qin Jiayan had left on the bed.

Inside was a brand-new dress, as well as the underwear she had been wearing last night.

They smell fresh… Qin Jiayan must have woken up early to wash and dry them for me.

Their scent is so familiar—a common detergent smell, like what Qin Jiayan’s clothes always had smelled like when we were dating. I’m surprised he still uses the same detergent from his younger days, even with so many better ones available now.

Su Qing caressed her underwear with her fingers for a long time before she suddenly flipped off the blanket and got out of bed. She then walked into the bathroom with the bag.

After her shower, Su Qing blow-dried her hair and put on the dress Qin Jiayan had given to her. She looked at herself in the mirror above the sink for a long time until she was sure she could face Qin Jiayan. She opened the bathroom door, walked to the bedroom door, and took a deep breath before she opened it and walked out.

It was already nine o’clock in the morning, and Qin Jiayan was sitting on the sofa surrounded by files and documents. He appeared to be working from home for the day.

Su Qing assumed he must be waiting for her to talk about what had happened last night.

Su Qing gripped on her dress and paused at the bedroom door before she walked slowly to the sofa in the living room.

When Qin Jiayan heard her approach, he looked up at her and casually placed the files he was holding on the coffee table and pointed at the sofa space next him to signal Su Qing to sit there.

Instead of sitting down, Su Qinq looked at him for a while and asked in a low pitch, “Thank you for getting me out of the Peking Hotel last night.”

Su Qing bowed a bit and continued before Qin Jiayan could say anything to her. “What happened between you and me…” She was embarrassed talking about it so she paused for a second before continuing. “It was just an accident. I think you know I was drugged and lost consciousness. I am sorry if I’ve caused you any inconvenience. I hope that, if you would not mind… If possible, I hope we both can forget about what happened last night.”

“Forget about what happened last night”?

Qin Jiayan frowned, and his face took on a cold expression.

She never wanted to meet me in such an awkward situation, even though she’s grateful that I saved her.

She knows I won’t be in her future. Our connection and love ended and, if she were to try and be in my life, she knows it would not do me any good.

And that’s all she thought about while she was taking a shower, and in the end, she decides to ask me to forget about what happened last night and pretend nothing ever occurred between us.

This is the best way to solve the problem and the best ending she can think of for the two of us.

Su Qing looked down to block herself from seeing Qin Jiayan looking at her. She calmly said, “You know I am married. It would be best if we pretend nothing has happened between us.”

Su Qing bent down to grab her purse. She bowed a little and said, “If you have nothing to say to me, I’m going to leave now.”


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