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Season 11

Episode 47

(Can You Come with Me? (7)

When Qin Jiayan carried Su Qing in his arms to put her on the bed, she held onto the back of his neck so strongly that she pulled him onto the bed with her. She then flipped around, sat on top of him and, while leaning forward to kiss him again, unbuckled his belt.

Su Qing initiating sex with Qin Jiayan excited him even more. He aggressively tore open her clothing, and with his eyes turning red he ran his fingertips along her silky skin. Its smoothness turned him into a beast who wanted to consume her. His hands gripped her waist, and after swinging her off him he roughly threw himself onto her to hold her down.

Her low moans caused waves of heat to run up and down his body and when he couldn’t hold himself in any longer he pulled her legs apart.

When Su Qing woke up, she was alone in a large, empty room.

She had no idea what had happened last night until she had laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling for quite some time. When she remembered, she was shocked. She sat up like a shot with the blanket in her arms and then stared at a decorative painting on the white wall in front of her until her brain began to engage again.

She had only shown up at the Peking Hotel because Mother Lin had arranged everything for her. At the beginning, she had not understood why Mother Lin had insisted she have dinner with Lin Mo, but once she had arrived and saw other people had been invited to dinner, she slowly realized that both her and Lin Mo were to be drugged. Mother Lin wanted to send them upstairs to the room hoping that Su Qing would get pregnant with the Lin Mo’s child.

Su Qing did not know, though, how Mother Lin’s plans had gone wrong and how Lin Mo had found out about them. Lin Mo was furious at his mother for trying to con him, and he vented his anger by giving the drugs meant for both him and Su Qing all to Su Qing. And then he passed her around to all the men at the dinner.

Her memories from the night before began to cause her body to shake uncontrollably.

If Qin Jiayan hadn’t shown up out of nowhere last night, all those men at dinner would have molested me… Am I… Am I at Qin Jiayan’s home?

As Su Qing was trying to recall what had happened last night, scenes of her having sex with Qin Jiayan flashed in her head. She unconsciously gripped tightly on the sheet.

I had sex with Qin Jiayan…

When we had been dating and truly in love, we had waited and never crossed the line to have sex. But then, we took different paths in life, and I married someone else, but we had sex yesterday…

Sun Qing could not help biting the corner of her mouth.

As she struggled with how to face what they had done last night, the bedroom door opened. Qin Jiayan walked in, dressed casually, with a bag in his hand.

Su Qing took a quick look at him and then nervously looked down.

Qin Jiayan walked to the bed and put the bag down. He quietly stood and said, “There’s a shower in the bathroom over there,” before he turned around and left the room.


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