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Season 11

Episode 46

(Can You Come with Me? (6)

No wonder she wasn’t fighting him back when I ran into the party room… She wasn’t drunk; she was drugged!

If I hadn’t have shown up and gone mad with rage and rescued her, her husband might have…

As Qin Jiayan’s adrenaline calmed, he began to feel frightened. Fear annoyingly crawled over his back, causing an indescribable rage.

Qin Jiayan pinched Su Qing’s chin harder. He gritted his teeth as he stared at her for a while before she recovered her composure. His hand dropped from her chin and grabbed her wrist. He was going to take her to the hospital.

After he dragged her two steps toward the door, Su Qin suddenly threw herself on his back and tightly held him around his waist. She then ran one hand along his thin shirt trying to find his skin. Her warm breath on his back aroused him.

Qin Jiayan’s back suddenly became as stiff as a steel. He stood motionless, even holding his breath, for more than a minute trying to calm himself down. He then took her hands off his body and turned her around to face him.

Su Qing was totally controlled by the drug. He pulled away from her, leaving a distance between them.

Should I get her into the bathroom so she can take a shower… And I can call the doctor over?

Su Qing suddenly wrapped her arms around him again, moving them seductively on his body.

As he stood face to face to her, she tipped-toed and kissed him on his lips, which were as soft and sweet as he remembered.

Qin Jiayan’s heart suddenly raced and seemed ready to jump out through his throat.

They both had drunk a lot at the Peking Hotel, but while Qin Jiayan spiraled deeper into drunkenness, Qin Jiayan sobered up quickly because of Su Qing’s looseness. As she was brushing her lips against his, he suddenly felt tipsy.

Am I in a dream?

As she was working her tongue through his lips to taste him more, his rationale kicked in.

She is not the same Su Qing anymore. She is not my girlfriend anymore. She got married and has a husband.

Qin Jiayan suddenly turned his head away from Su Qing’s kisses. He gripped her wrist tighter, willed himself to move his body again, and pushed her away a bit. Although Su Qing had been almost unconscious throughout this ordeal, his slight push caused her to murmur, “Jiayan, is that you?”

Qin Jiayan was shocked by her question.

Su Qing looked up at him with her seductive eyes. Her expression was exquisitely soft as she asked him, “Jiayan, is that really you?”

Not waiting for his answer, she lifted her hands and touched Qin Jiayan’s face. Her fingers slowly and lightly began to trace his face. As her fingers moved to the corners of his mouth, they trembled. She repeatedly and softly tapped his lips before she looked up at him again. Then she moved closer to his lips until hers were less than an inch away. She said in a low tone, “Jiayan.”

Qin Jiayan completely gave in once she said his name. He lifted his hand, held the back of her head, and pressed his lips on hers so firmly that she was unable to kiss him back.

The drug had taken away all her inhibitions.

Overwhelmed by desire, Qin Jiayan continued kissing her deeply as he carried her into the bedroom.

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