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Season 11

Episode 45

(Can You Come with Me? (5)

Qin Jiayan pushed Su Qing into the back seat of the car but, instead of getting in next to her, he closed her door, walked around the car, and then got into the front passenger seat.

The driver followed suit and got into the driver’s seat. After starting the car and hitting the gas, he asked, “Mr. Qin, where are we going?”

Qin Jiayan’s initial thought had been to take Su Qing home; however, when he was about to tell the driver the directions to her apartment, Lin Mo’s treatment of her came to his mind. Because he had just assaulted Lin Mo, he was worried that Lin Mo would take out his anger on Su Qing if he just took her home.

Qin Jiayan moved his lips and swallowed what was on the tip of his tongue. He then looked at Su Qing through the rearview mirror and saw her curled into a ball and shaking in the back seat. She seemed to be struggling with something. Qin Jiayan thought for a moment before telling the driver, “Let’s go to Yaho Apartments.”

Yaho? That’s Mr. Qin’s apartment complex! Does he really want to take this woman to his own apartment?

The driver recovered from his immediate shock and responded, “Yes, Mr. Qin,” and skillfully drove down the road in the dark to Yaho Apartments.

After the car completely stopped, Qin Jiayan pushed the door open and got out before the driver could even get out to open the door for him. Qin Jiayan opened the back-seat door and pulled Su Qing out of the car. He took her into the building and to the elevator without saying a word, leaving the driver standing at the car without further instructions.

Once off the elevator and standing at his apartment door, Qin Jiayan punched in his code and dragged Su Qing into his apartment before letting her wrist go.

Without speaking a word to her, he went to his bedroom, searched in his closet for a while, and grabbed a long-sleeved T-shirt. He tossed it to Su Qing, still standing near the entrance, and pointed toward the bathroom. “You can go take a shower in there.”

Su Qing held the T-shirt in her arms and looked up at Qin Jiayan, who dodged away from her eyes and left the living room to walk into the kitchen, where he was busy for 30 minutes making two bowls of soup to soothe their hangovers.

When he walked back to the living room, he found that Su Qing had not moved from her spot and was still holding the T-shirt in her arms in the same posture she’d been in since entering the apartment.

“Why haven’t you taken a shower yet?” Qin Jiayan coldly asked. He placed the soup on the coffee table, after no response from her, and frowned before saying, “After taking a shower, have some soup and go to sleep.”

Su Qin seemed to have gone deaf, as she still did not respond and only shook more.

Qin Jiayan frowned harder and stared at her for two seconds before walking up to her and asking, “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

He reached out his hand to pull her hair away from her face as he asked, out of concern and not to flirt, but she shivered like a falling leave from the shock of his gentleness and backed away two steps.

Qin Jiayan finally realized what was wrong with her. He walked one step forward and reached his hand out, grabbed her chin, and lifted her face.

Her pale face had an unusual blush, and a weak smile on her face cast a sexual aura.

Although he only touched her chin and nothing else, her irregular breaths were sensual.

If this had ever happened before, Qin Jiayan might have thought Su Qing was just drunk but, after watching her for a while, he knew that Lin Mo and his friends had drugged her.


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