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Season 11

Episode 43

(Can You Come with Me? (3)

Even though the man’s back was facing Qin Jiayan, he could tell from his stature that it was Su Qing’s husband, Lin Mo.

As he pulled Su Qing’s hair back to keep her staring at the ceiling, her struggling had caused a lot of the wine to spill, and the splashes looked like flowers painted on her white dress.

Qin Jiayan’s heart contracted so tightly that he could no longer feel the pain from his hand pressing against the door so hard.

When the manager saw Qin Jiayan’s hand still pressing against the door, he asked again, “Mr. Qin? Are you okay?”

Qin Jiayan’s eyelids slightly moved as a reaction. He watched Su Qing for a few seconds before he calmly responded to the manager, “I’m fine,” and then retracted his hand from the door.

The manager pressed the button again to close the door. As it closed, Qin Jiayan saw the remaining wine in the bottle splatter all over. Then Lin Mo grabbed another bottle of wine and tried to pour it into Su Qing’s mouth. She fought him, refusing to open her mouth, until Lin Mo pinched her chin and poured the liquor down her throat. As Su Qing choked and coughed uncontrollably, everyone else in the room giggled in low tones.

Qin Jiayan gripped his hands into fists.

Once the door closed and the elevator started to go up again, Qin Jiayan pressed his lips harder, until they completely disappeared and only a straight line was visible on his mouth.

When the elevator reached the 12th floor, Qin Jiayan’s expression had become normal again. He appeared calm as he walked into room 1208 under the manager’s lead and greeted everyone in the room with a smile before taking a seat. He even followed along with the teasing guests and raised his glass three times for being late.

After Qin Jiayan had unblinkingly drunk his three glasses of alcohol, the room became livelier as they all chatted and continued drinking.

Qin Jiayan acted no differently than usual. He was as social as before and spoke with logic and charm. The only think different about him was that he didn’t shy away from drinking when the others persuaded him.

Everyone at the table joined in the fun to convince him to drink more when they saw that he was so willing. Soon, Qin Jiayan was tipsy.

The smell of alcohol in the room itself increased Qin Jiayan altered state and, afraid he would get drunk if he continued at this rate, he excused himself to the restroom and left the room.

Having not had dinner and drinking so much so quickly, Qin Jiayan’s stomach started to get upset when he got to the restroom, and the alcohol began to rise from his stomach as he rushed to the sink, where he started throwing up.

After emptying his stomach, he turned on the faucet and cupped water in his hands to rinse his mouth. Suddenly, a scenario popped up in his mind, where a beautiful young girl passed him a cup of warm honey water and she began speaking softly to him.

“Jiayan, why are you drinking so much on your birthday? Here, honey water will make you feel better.”

“Jiayan, don’t drink so much from now on. Drinking too much is not good for you, and I worry about you.”


Qin Jiayan’s body jerked, causing him to dump the water in his hands into the sink.

He curled his fingers on the edge of the sink and gripped hard.

He recalled the scene on the eighth floor from the elevator and then the scene of Lin Mo hitting her at the Majestic Clubhouse.

Qin Jiayan suddenly stood up and walked to the elevator without letting anyone know.


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