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Season 11

Episode 42

(Can You Come with Me? (2)

He had hated her for marrying such a pathetic man for money, and now he was furious that the man she married had mistreated her so badly.

If he had not controlled himself, he would have run up, knocked him on the ground, and beaten him to a pulp; however, he couldn’t do that. To be more specific, he dared not to do that.

He had been afraid that the affection he felt toward her and that he had hidden from everyone would be too apparent. Running up to him would have been like detonating a bomb.

He had been afraid that he would be fighting against his own morals and against her family if he had asked her to leave with him, even though her reputation would be ruined if she had agreed.

Qin Jiayan had a lump in his throat, making it difficult to breathe.

He really wanted her to live a good life even though that would mean she could have nothing to do with him in his life; however, she had been the one who had dumped him back then, which put him in no position to help her even when he had witnessed her deplorable existence.

She was so determined to leave him back then. What she told him was so cold and cruel when she left him.

“Qin Jiayan, I, myself, Su Qing, will have nothing to do with you no matter how well or poorly I do in the future.”

Qin Jiayan had met Su Qing twice in the past two days. It had felt like God was playing a joke on him, but he had not been amused and had long given up on Qin Jiayan and Su Qing and himself as a couple. They had completely disappeared from each other’s world over the past few years.

Having met Su Qing had indeed stirred up Qin Jiayan’s life again. His mood was depressed over thinking about his past with her. He was not a young man anymore. At 30 years old, he had learned to not show his emotions on his face. No matter how much pain he had or struggling he did, he managed to keep it all on the inside. His exterior always remained cool. He continued to go to work, and he had even forced himself to go on a blind date under Mother Qin’s urging to find a wife.

Qin Jiayan had just finished a project before he had a TV interview. He had not been as busy as before, but he still had some business dinners to attend.

Tonight’s dinner had been scheduled on the same day. He had been in the suburbs when he had received the phone call, and he had rushed back to downtown, barely making it to the Peking Hotel on time.

For the past few years, whether for business or personal affairs, most dinners were held at the Peking Hotel, and the hotel manager was well acquainted with Qin Jiayan. When he saw him walk in that evening, the manager approached him before Qin Jiayan had a chance to request anything. “Mr. Qin, are you going to room 1208? Let me show you the way.”

Qin Jiayan politely nodded at the manager and said, “Thank you.”

After they stepped into the elevator, the manager pressed the button for the 12th floor. On the eighth floor, the elevator stopped.

A man and woman walked in and, as the manager was pressing the button to close the elevator door, Qin Jiayan caught sight of the interior of a party room through its open doorway.

Although Qin Jiayan only peeked at a person’s back, he recognized the figure as Su Qing.

He reached out his arm to stop the door from closing. As his hand pressed hard against the door, a sharp pain crawled all over him.

The manager immediately pressed the button to open the elevator door. “Mr. Qin, are you alright?”

Without responding to the manager, Qin Jiayan stared at what was happening inside the room.

A man grabbed Su Qing’s hair and pulled it down until she was staring at the ceiling. He then grabbed a full bottle of red wind and tried to force her to drink it.

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