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Season 11

Episode 41

(Can You Come with Me? (1)

Of course, I remember.

Qin Jiayan nodded without hesitation.

The money donated on behalf of Mother Qin had come at such a critical time back then, as if someone had provided coal to the family on a snowy, freezing night.

If that money hadn’t come through back then, I wouldn’t have been able to continue school.

Without that money, my mother might have been kicked out of the hospital and died. She would have followed dad to heaven if she hadn’t been treated in time.

If we hadn’t received that money, my sister might have done something stupid that she would have regretted for the rest of her life. Then, she could never have been with the man she loved for so many years. She and my brother in-law would not have the loving and harmonious family they do.

That money truly saved my family.

“These past years, mom has been constantly thinking about the donor of that money. Last month when she was hospitalized, she mentioned it again. She said that back then we didn’t have the means to trace who it had been, but now that we’re doing better, we do have the ability, and she asked me to figure out who the donor was. So, I told Gu Yusheng about it

“He came back tonight and told me he found something, but the money was donated so long ago, and the information in the file is just vague enough, that it will be a bit of a challenge, but he’s trying his best to get the donor’s information. He said there’s a decent chance, though, that he’ll be able to track down the donor.

“Mom was incredibly happy to hear this. She said she would thank her donor in person if she gets to know who he is. I’m telling you all this just to let you know that we’re trying to find this person but, mostly, to ask you to keep your schedule flexible for a while, because mom will need you to meet the donor with her if she finds him.”

“I got it, sister.” After pausing for a second, Qin Jiayan said, “It’s getting late. You should get some sleep.”

Qin Zhi’ai smiled and responded, “Yes.” She looked at Qin Jiayan again and continued with another important topic. “Jiayan, did you see your married classmate? Was it awkward seeing her again?”

Qin Jiayan stood up and went upstairs.

After closing the door, Qin Jiayan took a hot shower and then laid down on the bed. He closed eyes and tried, unsuccessfully, to fall asleep.

This was the second night in a row that he couldn’t sleep after he had run into Su Qinq by chance the preceding evening.

I finally met her after so many years…

I thought she had married such a nice guy. I thought she would be elegant and living a good life when I met her again. I had imagined a scene where she’d be holding a child in her arms, asking him to call me “uncle”…

She and Lin Tiantian were family now, but when he’d met them at the cafĂ©, he saw Lin Tiantian dressed in expensive name-brand clothes while Su Qing’s clothes were older and worn; her sleeves were even covered with fuzz.

He had never imagined that this was how she would end up. And she had lost a lot of weight. She was so thin that a gust of wind could have blown her away.

She does not have a good life as I’d imagined she would.

She sacrificed me and our love for this marriage to a man who has given her a horrible life.

For a moment, his chest filled with anger. That was why he could not scold himself for having been mean to her when she had called out for him in the restroom.

He thought she had not been treated well because her own family was impoverished and she had married a wealthy man to take care of her, but he had never imagined he would see her being hit by her husband at the entrance of the Majestic Clubhouse.

At that moment, he became enraged.


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