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Season 11

Episode 40

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (10)

When Su Qing lifted her hand to flag down a taxi, she then realized that her palms were bleeding from digging her nails into them. She was stunned for a moment as she saw the red in her palms. A taxi stopped in front of her, and she pulled open the door, got into the car, and told the driver her address.

As she headed home, she was staring out the window into the misty night when her vision became blurry.

They had made a clean break years ago, a fact that she was well aware of, but it was only now that they had met again that she truly understood that their past together could never be sorted out and, thus, was not a clean break.

We are separated by mountains and rivers and are no longer from the same world.

The car came to a steady stop in front of Gu Yusheng’s villa, and Qin Jiayan sat in the back seat for some time without making a move to get out.

Five minutes went by before the driver raised his voice the third time and said, “Mr. Qin, we’ve arrived.”

Qin Jiayan blinked and came to his senses. He acknowledged the driver and froze in his seat again. Just when the driver was about to tell him a fourth time, he pushed open the car door and got out slowly before strolling through the villa’s courtyard.

Qin Jiayan opened the door of the house and changed his shoes in the entry. When he turned into the living room, he realized that Qin Zhi’ai was still awake. She was huddled on the sofa watching TV.

Because it was late and all the other family members were asleep, even though the villa was soundproof, Qin Zhi’ai still lowered the TV volume out of fear that it would rouse them from their sleep.

When she saw that Qin Jiayan had returned home, she turned and glance at him before asking, “Do you want dinner?”

Qin Jiayan removed his suit jacket and tugged off his tie before shaking his head to decline. He then sat down on the sofa. “Why aren’t you asleep? It’s already so late.”

“Little Peanut had diarrhea and woke me up, and now I can’t get back to sleep.” Qin Zhi’ai took a bag of chips from the table and ripped it open before she held it up in front of Qin Jiayan. When she saw him shake his head to indicate that he didn’t want any, she secured it on her chest and began munching on chips before casually saying, “You met up with Ms. Lin yesterday. So, what do you think?”

When Qin Zhi’ai asked this, Su Qing’s silhouette flashed across Qin Jiayan’s mind and how her husband had abused her earlier that night.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” Qin Zhi’ai asked when she became curious about Qin Jiayan’s silence.

Qin Jiayan came to his senses. “It was okay.”

“That’s the reply that you always give and, subsequently, nothing comes out of it every single time,” Qin Zhi’ai complained. “Why don’t we introduce Brother Bancheng’s cousin to you? You’ve met her before. She was quite pretty and was a military medic.”

Yi Guoguo…

Qin Jiayan had a favorable impression of her; she was indeed very pretty and had a cheerful personality, but he still shook his head. “Forget about it.”

“Jiayan, you’re not young anymore. You can’t possibly remain single forever. If I’m not mistaken, one of your high school classmates remarried last month? He’s already married twice…”

Qin Jiayan knew that Qin Zhi’ai’s subsequent words would be a series of complaints, so he subconsciously took his clothes and prepared to head upstairs to take a shower, but before he could get up, Qin Zhi’ai grabbed ahold of his sleeve. “Sit down. There’s something serious I want to talk to you about.”

When Qin Jiayan saw the serious expression on Qin Zhi’ai’s face, he froze.

“Jiayan, after dad passed away, mom was hospitalized. Do you still remember that she was almost chased out of the hospital when we couldn’t pay the hospital bills, but someone donated $200,000 to pay them off?”


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