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Season 11

Episode 4

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (4)

Although Xu Wennuan already knew about his situation through Qin Zhi’ai, she was still shocked when she saw it for herself. She stared at Lu Bancheng’s thighs for a long time before she looked into his eyes and nodded her head lightly as she replied, “I met Xiao’ai this afternoon and she mentioned your situation.”

So she already heard about it from Xiao’ai…

A fleeting look of melancholy flashed across his gentle, smiling eyes. He didn’t know why she would visit his place that night or, rather, he didn’t dare to think too much about the reason behind it. Rather than wanting to have a clean break with her, he actually did not want to leave himself with any room for second thoughts. That was why he had contacted Gu Yusheng. He knew that Qin Zhi’ai was on good terms with Xu Wennuan, and she would be sure to find out anything that might concern her.

Guoguo had grown up overseas and had been educated in medicine. Xu Wennuan had never met her before, but Gu Yusheng was acquainted with her. Thus, he intentionally diverted Guoguo away that night and mentioned in Xu Wennuan ‘s presence that he had landed in his current state because of an accident. He even had said that he was getting married and that he had developed feelings for his caretaker.

She learned all this just this afternoon and here she has appeared at my apartment this evening. Could it be that my fleeting thought a few days ago was right, and she does have feelings for me?

Lu Bancheng quickly brushed the idea out of his mind.

If we were in the past, I would be overjoyed and ask her more about why she was here, or maybe I’d even confess my own feeling for her, but right now I can’t bear to involve her in my tragedy… It’s best for her if I don’t harbor such thoughts…

Lu Bancheng finally spoke with a calm expression on his face. “I drank a bit of alcohol that day and was driving carelessly.”

“Next time…” Xu Wennuan intended to tell him to be more careful the next time he drove, but just as she said these two words, she realized that he would never be able to drive again.

That rainy night back then when he drove me from Zhongdian Old Town to Lijiang…

Her chest suddenly ached, and she looked down and swallowed hard before she forced herself to ask, “Is there a chance you might be able to walk again?”

“Right now, I don’t know,” Lu Bancheng replied truthfully.

Lu Bancheng’s family is so rich that he can get the best specialists in the world if he wants to. And he’s the only son in the Lu family, and now that he’s landed in such a state, it would be impossible for the family to not spend an exorbitant sum of money to help him return to normal. Because he gave such an answer, it proves that the doctors they’ve hired are also helpless… Does he have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair?

Xu Wennuan’s eyes turned red, and she lost herself. In a slight, whining tone asked, “Why are you so careless?”

Her words sounded like those of concern that a woman would have for her husband. Lu Bancheng’s fingers quivered when he heard her, and strong emotions appeared deep in his gentle eyes.

Because I am committed to giving her a better life, I will get rid of these selfish thoughts…

Lu Bancheng clenched his teeth, and his hands balled up tightly. He forced himself to assume a cold, calm expression. It was when his phone began to ring in his pocket that he gradually relaxed the force that he was exerting on his hands. He took out his phone and, when he saw that it was Guoguo, his eyebrows rose and fell and he quickly answered the call. After lifting the phone to his ear, he said gently, “Guoguo.”

Xu Wennuan’s ears tuned in to his side of the conversation: “I’m not too far away. I’m just hanging around downstairs.”

“Don’t worry. You don’t need to come downstairs to get me. I can make my way back on my own.”


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