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Season 11

Episode 39

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (9)

Although he had not used much strength, Lin Mo’s kick still caused Su Qing’s body to shake twice, and she drooped her head down even lower.

“Did you hear what I said? Get up on your own!” As Lin Mo spoke, he bent down and yanked Su Qing’s hair to lift her head. “I’m warning you. Don’t test my patience. If you piss me off, don’t blame me for not sparing your feelings later on!”

When Lin Mo yanked Su Qing by the hair, she was coincidentally facing the direction that Qin Jiayan had gone and, just as she had feared, he indeed sensed the commotion. When he turned his head back to look, their eyes met, and Su Qing’s entire body froze.

Lin Mo continued to scold and shame her, but because she had not reacted to a single word he said, he became angrier and yanked on her hair even harder. Unaffected by the pain he inflicted, she merely fixed her eyes on Qin Jiayan.

He was once so gentle toward me, but now his expression remains calm and indifferent as he watches me being abused.

Su Qing subconsciously clenched her fists, and her neatly trimmed nails dug into the flesh on her palms, and they began to bleed.

When Lin Mo received no response, he became even more furious. Disregarding the fact that they were in public and passers-by had stopped to look at them, he raised his foot and stomped down hard on Su Qing’s body.

Su Qing laid paralyzed on the ground from his kicks, but her eyes continued to stare straight at Qin Jiayan, whose serene face remained as calm as still water.

When Lin Mo kicked her again, Qin Jiayan’s long, curled eyelashes fluttered lightly as though the scene before his eyes had nothing to do with him. He turned away indifferently and walked confidently to the side of the road.

Lin Mo began to kick her even more violently, and the pain caused Su Qing’s body to tremble; however, she retained her posture and continued to stare silently at the spot where Qin Jiayan had just stood.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an expensive car stop at the curb. The driver then got out of the car and opened the back door. After Qin Jiayan bent his body and got in, the driver returned to his seat, started the car, and drove off.

When the sound of the car could no longer be heard, Su Qing continued to stare at the spot where Qin Jiayan had stood, and as she did a heart-wrenching pain seized her.

Even though she had known better than to have been hopeful, when she saw him witness for himself how Lin Mo had abused her, she could not help but be heartbroken when he turned and left as though he had seen nothing.

We ultimately are only strangers…

Su Qing felt a stinging sensation in her eyes, but she tried hard to not let her tears flow.

Lin Mo’s phone rang in his pocket, and when he answered the call, his voice instantly became gentle and soft. Su Qing knew that it was a call from his lover, who apparently was checking on him after having waited so long for him inside the Majestic Clubhouse.

Lin Mo ended the call and cursed her a few more times before he turned and left.

Everyone who passed the entrance of the Majestic Clubhouse swept a glance at Su Qing, but she was oblivious to them as she stared in a daze at the spot where Qin Jiayan had turned back to look at her. After a long time, the parking attendant could not bear to watch any more, and he came forward to check on her once more. She slowly retracted her gaze and got up from the ground. Ignoring her aching body and the attendant’s concerns, she walked step by step to the side of the road in a trancelike state.


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