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Season 11

Episode 38

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (8)

Su Qing paused and stared fixedly at Qin Jiayan without blinking. He was smartly dressed in a suit and dress shoes, and when he was almost at the revolving door, she suddenly managed to react to the fact that she was sprawled on the ground.

What is the most embarrassing situation on earth?

To meet again with my first love whom I once genuinely loved and who is as majestic as the gods while I am insignificant, wretched, and downtrodden.

Su Qing subconsciously turned her face away and avoided the gaze of Qin Jiayan’s company.

“Mr. Qin, let’s meet up again next time.”

“Sure, Master Xia.”

When Su Qing heard Qin Jiayan’s diplomatic reply, her heart could not help but quiver slightly.

No one knew how often I would secretly reminisce about this voice during those long days and nights after I left him…

Slowly, her fingers pressed tightly onto the ground as she lowered her head even more and prayed that Qin Jiayan would leave quickly.

As if the heavens heard her pleas, the glamorously dressed group of men quickly dispersed from the entrance.

Qin Jiayan was typing quickly on his phone as he strode and made his way toward the side of the road.

His call got through quickly. “Yup, that’s right. Come straight away and pick me up by the side of the road. See you later.”

After he ended the call, Qin Jiayan casually walked past Su Qing, who out of the corner of her eye could clearly see his brightly polished leather dress shoes, as well as smell the refreshing scent that his body exuded. She held her breath completely, not daring to move her body.

Su Qing only lifted her head up after Qin Jiayan had walked some six or more feet away, and she secretly glanced at his silhouette.

Qin Jiayan, did you know, to be able to get so close to you without your knowledge is the greatest gift I’ve received from the heavens since I left you?

Throughout these years, I’ve constantly thought about whether or not you are well. Now that I see how outstanding and great you are, I am truly satisfied.

A warm glow that resembled a faint smile surfaced in Su Qing’s eyes; however, just when her lips were about to curl into a barely visible smile, Lin Mo, agitated that she had not gotten up off the ground, remarked with sarcasm, “What’s wrong? Are you so delicately frail? I merely pushed you a little, and you can’t get up?”

Lin Mo’s voice was loud enough that Qin Jiayan, who was still not far away, had clearly heard him. Out of curiosity, Qin Jiayan stopped in his tracks for a moment. Afraid that Qin Jiayan would turn his head back and look, Su Qing buried her head lower again.

In Lin Mo’s eyes, Su Qing’s behavior seemed like an intentional move to defy him. He didn’t like women to begin with, and he held a grudge against her because his family had forced him to marry her. Throughout the years, whenever he had been upset about something, he had always use her as a punching bag. When he saw her current reaction, he instantly fumed with rage, and the words that came out of his mouth became even more malicious.

“You stinking whore! I try to let you save face, but you don’t want it, do you? The more attention I give you, the worse you become, don’t you? Hurry and get up! Stop being an embarrassment, or I’ll slap you!”

The parking attendant, who had been standing by the side, could not bear to watch Lin Mo behave so roughly with a woman, and he stepped forward to voice his concern. “Miss, can you get up? Do you need my help?”

Before the attendant could reach out his hand to help Su Qing, Lin Mo had already stridden over and waved his hand away. “No one is allowed to help her up. Let her get up on her own!” As he spoke, Lin Mo looked down and watched Su Qing. “Hurry! Get up!”

Before Su Qing could react, Lin Mo lost his patience, lifted his foot, and kicked her.

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