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Season 11

Episode 37

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (7)

Simply put, Su Qing was the wife of a homosexual man, and they were only married in name.

After she had married Lin Mo, she had received a sum of money from the Lin family that had been a considerable amount. She had given a portion of it to her father and had anonymously donated the rest to Qin Jiayan’s mother through the hospital. After that, she had broken off all contact with Qin Jiayan.

Before she had left him, she had never told him about her own family’s problems and, ironically, had given money to help his family during their grim times. Now that she had been married to another man for so many years, they had even fewer reasons to associate with each other.

He’s right. I’m no longer just Su Qing—I’m also Mrs. Lin. From the moment I chose to marry another man, it was destiny that things would be impossible between us in this lifetime.

I should conduct myself properly and not do anything unnecessary like show curiosity about his present life. But I’m glad that I asked… After hearing his cold, heartless words, any stubborn spark of feelings that I had for him are now finally extinguished.

I should not have felt so upset. I should be happy and consoled. I left him back then, and now his life is wonderful, and he can even marry a rich girl like Lin Tiantian. He will be happy.

Ultimately, if one loves another, shouldn’t one wish that the other party will be well?

Su Qing leaned her head against the car window and closed her tired eyes. Although she had thought it through completely, she still felt depressed in her heart.

“Sister-in-law? Sister-in-law?” Su Qing only opened her eyes after Lin Tiantian had called her a few times.

They were finally home, and Su Qing hurriedly pushed the car door open and got out.

Lin Tiantian had noticed her spacing out on the car ride home and asked, “What’s wrong? Why do I feel like something is strange about you?”

“No, I’m just a little tired.” Su Qing shook her head.

“Oh.” Lin Tiantian, not overly concerned about Su Qing, pushed her door open and dashed inside. She flung herself into the arms of Mother Lin, who was watching TV, and then excitedly shared her feelings of anxiousness and love after she had met Qin Jiayan.

Mother Lin was overjoyed and happily started to ask Lin Tiantian for all the details about the entire blind date.

Su Qing changed her shoes, entered the room, and politely called out, “Mom”; however, Mother Lin didn’t even look at her and took no notice that she was there.

Su Qing stood awkwardly by the side for some time before saying, “I’ll go to the kitchen and see if there’s anything I can help out with.”

Mother Lin continued to ignore Su Qing as she made her way to the kitchen and helped the domestic staff prepare the meal before she called Mother Lin and Lin Tiantian for dinner.

Mother Lin had finished chatting with her daughter and, when she heard Su Qing’s voice, immediately pulled a long face. “It’s been a long time since Ah Mo has been home. What have you been doing as a wife? After so many years of marriage, you still can’t manage to hold onto your husband! I don’t care what you do or how you do it, but I want to see Ah Mo at home tomorrow night!”

“Okay,” Su Qing replied.

Mother Lin snorted coldly before she stood up and walked to the dining area.

The next day, after much effort, Su Qing finally discovered her husband’s whereabouts.

By eight o’clock that night, she was already waiting at the entrance of the Majestic Clubhouse, and 10 minutes later, Lin Mo, whom she hadn’t seen in two months, got out of a black sedan and walked over.

Su Qing hurried forward but, before she could speak, Lin Mo spoke first with a hint of loathing in his voice, “What are you doing here?”

“Lin Mo, mom asked me to tell you to return home.”

“I’m not interested.” After Lin Mo finished speaking, he threw the car keys to the parking attendant and strode toward the lobby of the Majestic Clubhouse.

Su Qing anxiously followed him and subconsciously moved to pull his sleeve but, just as she touched him, he suddenly flung her off violently and warned, “Don’t touch me, you dirty whore!”

Never having expected such a reaction, Su Qing fell awkwardly to the ground and moaned out in pain. Just when she was about to get up, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Qin Jiayan walking out of the Majestic Clubhouse with a few men having an animated conversation.


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