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Season 11

Episode 35

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (5)

Su Qing, who had initially been looking at Qin Jiayan, backed off one step and looked down. She clutched onto her clothes but continued to say in a gentle tone, “Jiayan, I don’t mean anything negative. I simply wanted to catch up with you.”

“Catch up?” Qin Jiayan gave a barely visible smile as if he had heard a funny joke and then looked at her with an increasingly cold expression.

“Mrs. Lin, if I remember correctly, back then, you despised me for being poor and unable to give you the life that you wanted. You even said that you did not wish to have anything to do with me. So, let me ask you, what right do you have to catch up with me now?

“Oh, right. I almost forgot. You’ve always been interested in rich men and can’t help but throw yourself at them whenever you meet them…”

In the past, he had dearly doted on her and never berated her, much less said anything mean, as he had never been able bring himself to do so, yet here he was saying cruel things to her now that they had met again.

“Now that I’m a successful man, I suddenly suit your tastes. Why? Are you attracted to my money and wish to rekindle our old love now? But Mrs. Lin, don’t forget that you’re a married woman these days. I’m not the least bit interested in another man’s used shoe, and I am even more reluctant to spend a single cent on you…”

Used shoe…

Su Qing felt as if she had been slashed with a blade, and her body shook uncontrollably while her face instantly turned as white as a sheet.

She took a step back again before gradually looking up at Qin Jiayan. Her expression was serene, and there was not a single trace of emotion in her pitch-black eyes.

She stared silently at Qin Jiayan, who had paused what he was saying and looked back at her for some time. He then shifted his gaze away and continued to say in a cold, heartless manner, “We’ve had nothing to do with each other for a very long time, and I hope, Mrs. Lin, that you will conduct yourself in that same manner now.”

After he finished speaking, Qin Jiayan took one step back and turned, sneaking a glance at Su Qing out of the corner of his eye. He realized that she continued to watch him as she remained in the same position. Her eyes appeared to be tearing up, but he did not look at her closely enough to be sure and walked away.

By the time Su Qing returned to the table, Qin Jiayan had already left.

Lin Tiantian turned to look at her and lamented with a pout, “Sister-in-law, what took you so long?”

Su Qing smiled faintly without speaking.

Not wanting to pursue the matter, Lin Tiantian clung onto Su Qing’s elbow as they walked out of the cafĂ© and spoke excitedly about Qin Jiayan.

“Sister-in-law, do you think that Qin Jiayan is interested in me? He chatted with me for so long today, so he’s probably interested in me, right? Sister-in-law, he even gave me his contact number. Do you think I should take the initiative to ask him out? Would I seem too forward if I did?”

After chatting incessantly for a long time, Lin Tiantian realized that Su Qing was staring out the car window and spacing out in the back seat. She stopped speaking and reached out her hand to wave it in front of Su Qing’s face. “Sister-in-law, did you hear what I said?”

Su Qing returned to her senses and flashed a smile at Lin Tiantian. “Tiantian, you’re so pretty, and you have a good family background…”

After saying this, Su Qing paused for a moment before she continued. “He will definitely like you.”


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