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Season 11

Episode 33

(She’s My Sister-in-Law (3)

As Lin Tiantian spoke, Qin Jiayan fluttered his eyelashes while recovering from his shock. Without giving away anything, he shifted his eyes away from Su Qing’s face back to Lin Tiantian, who was smiling expectantly. He lightly nodded his head at her to acknowledge her introduction.

Although he did not speak and his response was mild, Lin Tiantian had been immediately smitten by Qin Jiayan’s appearance. As her heart thumped, she said in a sweet tone of voice, “My mom asked my sister-in-law to accompany me on our blind date.”

In reality, she had been skeptical of her mother’s ability to choose a blind date for her, so she had dragged Su Qing along so that she could escape more easily if she felt compelled to.

Qin Jiayan smiled and turned his head toward Su Qing. His expression was calm and, as if Su Qing was a stranger to him, he politely said, “Hello, Mrs. Lin.”

Mrs. Lin…

Su Qing’s fingers trembled, almost causing her cell phone to slip from her had and fall onto the floor, but she responded quickly and grabbed it in time. She then lowered her eyes and curled her lips into a faint smile. “Hello, Mr. Qin.”

After they had greeted each other, Qin Jiayan politely turned back to Lin Tiantian. “Do you want a drink?”

“I’ll have a cappuccino, and the same for my sister-in-law,” Lin Tiantian replied.

Qin Jiayan raised his hand to call for the waiter. While he was ordering, Su Qing, who had been looking down the entire time, looked up at Qin Jiayan and secretly sized him up.

So many years have passed, but his features are still as exquisite as I remember. His suit is flattering, making him look dashing and lively. He seems more mature compared to the past, and his aura is steady while his movements exuded elegance and open-mindedness.

I had never expected the day to come when he would be such a knockout and so outstandingly perfect. No wonder Lin Tiantian instantly grabbed her sleeves and told me she met her Mr. Right the moment she saw him…

“Sir, do you need anything else?” the waiter asked again after Qin Jiayan finished ordering his food.

“No, that’s all. Thank you,” Qin Jiayan replied and handed the menu to the waiter before he turned to look at Lin Tiantian.

When Su Qing sensed his movement, afraid that he would realize that she had been silently observing him, she quickly shifted her eyes away and lowered her head to pretend to look at her phone again.

“Mr. Qin, my mom told me that you studied at Hangzhou University?” Lin Tiantian cocked her head to one side cutely while she tried to impress him in conversation.

Qin Jiayan’s lips curled up slightly, and he gave a simple, concise response. “Yes.”

“My parents sent me overseas to study when I was young, so I never had the opportunity to tour around the country, especially Hangzhou. Mr. Qin, could you take me with you the next time you go there and happen to have some free time?”


Lin Tiantian’s smile grew increasingly sweet when Qin Jiayan agreed. “Mr. Qin, are you interested in the arts? I learned oil painting overseas so, if you’re interested, I could paint a piece just for you…”

Lin Tiantian did most of the talking at the table, but her pleasing voice made her incessant chatter less annoying. Given Qin Jiayan’s good upbringing, he responded to her politely regardless of whether or not he was interested in what she was talking about.

In contrast, Su Qing continued to focus on her phone and never once looked up or spoke while she sat next to them.


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