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Season 11

Episode 31

(She’s My Sister-In-Law (1)

[Qin Jiayan, if it were not for the hopes I still harbor for you, I would already be married with kids and living a peaceful, stable life. —Ye Feiye]

“Mr. Qin, I’d like to ask you one last question before the interview ends, and it concerns personal information. Is that alright?” The pretty female show host smiled at her guest, who had just broken the record for overseeing two consecutive miracles in the financial world.

Qin Jiayan’s expression was gentle, and he sat gracefully on the sofa with a calm expression on his youthful face. He showed not a single sign of displeasure or impatience over how the host took it upon herself to lengthen the program. He nodded his head in good nature and replied gentlemanly, “Sure.”

“Mr. Qin, based on your information, you will be in your 30s after your birthday next month, and you’re still unmarried. We’re wondering if the reason for your bachelorhood is because there’s someone you’re interested in?”

Maintaining his good-natured smile, Qin Jiayan calmly replied without even thinking, “No.”

By the time Qin Jiayan finished recording the interview and left the TV station, it was already 11:00 p.m.

The driver, who had been waiting outside the station, immediately got out of the car and opened the car door to the back seat when he saw Qin Jiayan come out of the station with a TV crew surrounding him. After waving goodbye to the crew members, Qin Jiayan bent his body and got into the car. The driver followed suit and got into the car. As he started it up, he said, “Mr. Qin, Mrs. Gu called earlier to tell you to come stay over at her place tonight.” By “Mrs. Gu,” the driver was referring to Qin Jiayan’s biological sister and Gu Yusheng’s wife, Qin Zhi’ai.

Qin Jiayan acknowledged the invitation and indicated for the driver to head to Qin Zhi’ai’s home. As the car started up, Qin Jiayan lowered his head to glance at his cell phone before he leaned against the backrest of the car seat and closed his eyes to take a nap.

After they’d been driving for some time, the question that the show host had asked suddenly echoed in Qin Jiayan’s ears.

Is the reason for your bachelorhood because there’s someone you’re interested in?

His delicate brows frowned slightly, and his calm, gentle expression momentarily turned complicated, but after quickly sorting out his feelings he returned to his calm demeanor and turned his head to face the window and opened his eyes. When the night view became obstructed by trees, he replied out loud to the show host’s question again, “No.”

By the time Qin Jiayan got home, everyone was asleep. He quietly went upstairs and silently entered his bedroom. After taking a hot shower, he laid down in bed and flipped through the news for a while before going to sleep.

After he had fallen into a deep sleep, QIn Jiayan began to dream. A girl in a long white dress flashed him a gentle and radiant smile. Whenever she talked to him, she would first call out, “Jiayan.”

Since his youth, everyone, be it his dead father, his mother, or his most beloved sister, had called him Jiayan, but no one made it sound as pleasing as how this girl said his name. Every time she called for him, her voice tapped the most tender spot in his heart.

“Jiayan, can we go and eat the braised pork meat in the canteen today?”

“Jiayan, remember to save a seat for me in the revision room this afternoon.”



“Jiayan, let’s break up.”

The expression of the smiling girl suddenly appeared heartless and, after making this statement, she turned and left heartlessly despite his attempts to get her to stay.


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