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Season 11

Episode 29


With the sudden kiss, Lu Bancheng seemed struck by aphasia and was incapable of uttering a single sound. Xu Wennuan lips pressed against his gently without moving.

The radiant sun outside the window cast the entire city in brilliant, dazzling light while the atmosphere in the room came to a standstill.

After a long silence, Xu Wennuan carefully began to graze the corners of Lu Bancheng’s lips and, in that instant, a jolt of electricity spread throughout his entire body. He quivered and instantly came back to his senses. He subconsciously turned his head aside to avoid her lips.

Whether due to lust or anger, Lu Bancheng’s voice quivered out of tune when he asked, “Xu Wennuan, what are you doing?!”

Xu Wennuan’s gaze locked onto Lu Bancheng for a moment as she tightly pursed her lips. Then, without speaking, she raised her hands to grab ahold of Lu Bancheng’s neck and turn his head back toward her before she closed up to him again and passionately kissed his lips.

Lu Bancheng instinctively resisted her, making her subconsciously increase the pressure of her hands against his neck. She disregarded all reservations and pressed her lips against his while licking, nudging, and nibbling on them.

Lu Bancheng broke free from Xu Wennuan’s kiss only to say, “Xu Wennuan,” before she furiously sealed his lips again with yet another kiss.

To put an end to his resistance, she laid down on top of his body and pressed her pelvis into his while wriggling rhythmically. Ignoring the fact that he was dodging her, she impulsively pried open his lips with her teeth and let her tongue venture into his mouth. Just as was about to force her tongue out, she wrapped it around his.

Lu Bancheng’s breathing became uneven, and his chest began to heave sporadically.

She was breaking through all the defenses he had set up against her, and if she didn’t stop seducing him he feared losing his senses and all his persistence would have been for nothing.

He continued struggling to avoid her kisses, but she showed no sign of backing off and kept trying to press on his mouth, too. Lu Bancheng murmured softly in a helpless and pleading tone, “Nuannuan, don’t be foolish…”

Although his voice was slightly incoherent, Xu Wennuan still understood his intentions.

Don’t be foolish… He’s lost so much because of me and devoted so much for me, and he’s actually asking me not to be foolish…Xu Wennuan’s body trembled as tears flooded out from the corners of her eyes and landed on his face.

He suddenly relaxed and stopped struggling, and when he was still Xu Wennuan slowly opened her eyes and stared straight into his as her lips pressed onto his mouth.

Seeing his eyes pleading with her to leave him, her nose began to sting, and tears brimmed in her eyes once more while she lightly moved her lips on top of his. With no decorum, she again took the initiative to kiss him.

Although many things had happened between them that night after Lu Bancheng had made the mistake of letting Xu Wennuan kiss him, he had never once kissed her back.

At the moment he realized that, he finally knew how wonderful it felt to kiss her, making his body became increasingly tense. Although his heart still hesitating, his body was clearly giving in.

The third time that her tongue grazed his teeth, he could no longer hold back. He lifted his hands and cupped the back of her head as he lightly kissed her back and soon deepened his kiss more aggressively.


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