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Season 11

Episode 26

(Ending (6)

“After Brother Bancheng got your call that night, his mood was terrible. He didn’t rest all night, and he had a high fever yesterday afternoon, and it got worse last night. He’s in the hospital now, and I came home to get him some clean clothes.”

By the time Xu Wennuan and Guoguo arrived at the hospital, it was already nine in the morning. They exchanged a look after stepping out of the elevator and then walked to Lu Bancheng’s room single file. At his door, they could indistinctly hear him talking with the doctor.

Although Guoguo had not told Xu Wennuan the entire truth, she had told her enough that she was slightly afraid. After inhaling deeply a few times, she finally mustered the courage to raise her hand up and push the door. When Lu Bancheng and the doctor heard the commotion, they turned their heads simultaneously and looked at the door. Recognizing Guoguo, the doctor smiled at her amicably and said, “Ms. Yi, you’re here.”

“Hello, Dr. Luo,” Guoguo replied, returned a faint smile to him before she looked at Lu Bancheng. “Brother Bancheng, how are you feeling today?”

“I’m much better,” Lu Bancheng said slowly in a gentle voice. He flashed Guoguo a gentle smile before gesturing to the chair next to his bed. “Why are you still standing there? Come on in here, and take a sit.”

Guoguo acknowledged him but continued to stand at the door of the room without entering. A puzzled look crept into Lu Bancheng’s eyes as he looked at her. Just when he was about to ask her what was wrong, she puffed out a breath of air forcefully. “Brother Bancheng, someone’s looking for you.” As she spoke, Guoguo extended her arm to pull Xu Wennuan from behind her and into the doorway in front of her.

Lu Bancheng was instantly stunned. He looked straight into Xu Wennuan’s eyes, and they looked at each other for some time before he finally recovered from the shock of her sudden appearance. He then looked at Guoguo, whose had slightly lowered her head and was biting her lip and clutching furiously onto her shirt. He knew this as her behavior whenever she was guilty.

Why did Guoguo become so uneasy when I saw Xu Wennuan?

Lu Bancheng subconsciously shifted his eyes back to Xu Wennuan’s face. As he had been in shock when he’d first seen her, he had not notice her expression, but now he saw clearly that her eyes were very swollen and red, making it evident that she had been crying for a long time. She looked back at him with an expression filled with tenderness, love, and sadness. From time to time, she would look at his thighs out of the corner of her eye, causing tears to blur her vision.

Lu Bancheng immediately understood what had happened, and he snapped his head abruptly toward Guoguo and glared at her furiously. “What did you say to her?”

Guoguo subconsciously jumped a step back when he yelled at her and hid behind Xu Wennuan, making Lu Bancheng angrier. “Yi Guoguo! Didn’t I tell you to not disturb her? Are you deaf?!”

Guoguo raised her hands and clutched onto Xu Wennuan before she softly called out for help. “Sister Nuannuan.”

Upon hearing her plea, Lu Bancheng instantly grabbed the pillow on his bed and slammed it at Guoguo. The pillow flew past Xu Wennuan and grazed Guoguo’s ear before landing in the corridor. Xu Wennuan, who had been staring at Lu Bancheng ever since she had appeared in the doorway, retracted her gaze.



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