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Season 11

Episode 25

(Ending (5)

A long time ago, before he had decided to back out of my world, I remember that conversation I eavesdropped on between him and Wu Hao. I remember when he got me home from the bar when Jiang Qianqian had made things so difficult for me. I also recall all the considerate things that Zero did for me after I no longer had any contact with Lu Bancheng…

Xu Wennuan’s tears fell even more furiously, and by now they had stained the entirety of her cheeks. Through her welled-up eyes, she gaped at Guoguo, but no sound escaped her mouth.

In turn, Guoguo looked at her and took the initiative to speak. After opening her mouth, though, she suddenly switched gears to ask, “May I call you Sister Nuannuan?”

Xu Wennuan lightly nodded her head before Guoguo said, “Sister Nuannuan, I’m not sure what has happened between you and Brother Bancheng, but I do know that over the past year he has always been remorseful, frustrated, and even tortured. He even said that he only wanted the best for you always, and he was devastated when he learned he had caused you psychological problems.”

Psychological problems…

Xu Wennuan frowned. She remembered a year ago when she had desperately gone to beg him to save her father’s life, and his refusal had devastated her. She had felt the most desperate at that point in time, and Zero had stepped in to help her.

She hadn’t known that Zero was Lu Bancheng, nor had she thought much about it, but now she was making the connection.

Lu Bancheng had left my life by that time, and that’s when Zero entered. Did he leave because of guilt over my mental state? But how did he know?

Xu Wennuan thought for a long time and then finally recalled that there had been the night when she had fainted while waiting for Lu Bancheng outside his apartment door. By the time she had woken up the next morning, she had already been admitted into the hospital. Back then, she had tried to get the doctor to tell her who had sent her to the hospital, but she hadn’t been on speaking terms with Lu Bancheng back then so had left the hospital without pressing for an answer. Afterward, she had gone to visit her psychiatrist.

Could it be that he had never left the hospital, watched me all the time I was there, and then follow me to the psychiatrist’s office?

It was from that day on that the relationship between her and Lu Bancheng and Zero had changed. If her conjectures were correct, he must have realized that she was not supposed to have any contact with him because of her psychological issues, so he had secretly helped her father get his surgery and given her career a boost before he had left for America.

So he already began extending himself to help me back then, with no expectation for reward or recognition…

“Sister Nuannuan, even if Brother Bancheng was at fault to begin with, I hope that you can forgive him now…”

Xu Wennuan felt her body quiver violently followed by an immense, unbearable pain that pulsated through her body every time she took a breath. She heard the plea in Guoguo’s voice, and then she swallowed hard before moving her lips with some effort and replying in a raspy voice, “Where is he?”

Xu Wennuan did not give Guoguo time to reply before she continued to speak impatiently, “Where is he? I want to see him!”

I want to meet him now! Right away!

I want to tell him that I no longer blame him. I had already fallen for him even before I was aware of his injuries. I don’t want him to care about those things, because I don’t care about them. I only want him to be with me no matter what his condition is. I just want us to be together…


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