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Season 11

Episode 22


After a pause, afraid that Guoguo would think that she was lying to her, Xu Wennuan fished in her pocket for the watch that Wu Hao had given to her and presented it to Guoguo before she added, “Wu Hao gave this to me. He said he found it next to me on the night I was abducted.”

At a glance, Guoguo immediately recognized that it was Lu Bancheng’s watch.

A month after his incident, he had begun constantly mentioning that he had lost his watch. Once he had asked her directly if she knew where it was, and when she’d said no, she had noticed his expression had become anxious.

At that point in time, I hadn’t understood what he meant. It was just a watch and although it was slightly expensive, I didn’t think he’d have heartache over it… But now I understand… He was afraid that his identity would be exposed if someone found his watch where Xu Wennuan was kidnapped…

But regardless of how well he planned out everything, he hadn’t planned to lose his watch there, and Brother Bancheng ultimately did not achieve his goal…

Could this be a fate that only the heavens could arrange?

Brother Bancheng loves her so much. To bring her happiness, he endures so much grief. Even I’ve dreamt about Xu Wennuan knowing the truth and being with Brother Bancheng.

Now that I’ve been given this opportunity, I only need to tell her what I know, and Bro Bancheng won’t need to hide away in the study to smoke all night…

Neither will he need to suppress the pain in his heart and pretend as if nothing has happened…

He also won’t need to write her name over and over again…

Neither will he have to call out her name in agony in his dreams…

Guoguo walked up to Lu Bancheng’s door, keyed in the password and opened the door, and then pointed inside the apartment. “Ms. Xu, let’s talk about this inside.”

Xu Wennuan didn’t respond and merely nodded her head slightly before she entered Lu Bancheng’s apartment.

Guoguo then pointed at the sofa and indicated for Xu Wennuan to take a seat before she walked over to the kitchen to pour two glasses of warm water. She passed one over to Xu Wennuan, held the other glass in her own hands, and sat on the sofa across from Xu Wennuan.

Over the length of the coffee table, Guoguo stared fixedly at Xu Wennuan for some time before she opened her mouth and introduced herself. “My name is Yi Guoguo, and Brother Bancheng is my cousin.”

Cousin? So they’re related… But I saw many of Lu Bancheng’s relatives when we were married… Why haven’t I seen her before?

Guoguo could tell that Xu Wennuan was puzzled, and she explained to her gently, “My educational background is as a military medic. When you were married to Brother Bancheng, I was in the army overseas. That’s why I’m taking care of him now. My aunt was worried that other caregivers wouldn’t take as good of care of him as I would.”

After Guoguo finished summarizing why she was by Lu Bancheng’s side, she dove straight into explaining to Xu Wennuan about the things that she was unaware of. “Brother Bancheng was discovered by a bunch of kids who had gone to the river to play. When they found him, he was barely breathing.”

“When he got to the hospital, a few doctors said from the onset that there was no way he would recover.”

“Coincidentally, I’d returned home last year and was staying at my aunt’s house when she received the call about Lu Bancheng. I was one of the first ones to see him in the hospital. His body was covered in severe wounds, but those on his legs were the most life-threatening…”



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