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Season 11

Episode 2

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (2)

“It seems that he was in a car accident and in a coma in the hospital for two weeks before he woke up.”

Xu Wennuan’s face turned pale.

How serious was this accident that caused him to slip into a coma for so long?

No wonder there was something wrong with his complexion when I saw him a few days ago… He’d just recently gotten out of the hospital… And he didn’t get out of the car even when he saw me, and he never got up when I was at his house. He didn’t send me off either, and even when I fell he just sat there… At that point in time, I was so upset because he’d become a completely different person… But it was because he couldn’t walk…

When I twisted my ankle that night and cried my heart out at the foot of his apartment building, and Wu Hao was suddenly there to get me without any explanation… Lu Bancheng must have been the one who called him…

Does this mean that he still might not have let go of me in his heart, and it was merely his helplessness from being paralyzed that made him so distant?

Xu Wennuan’s mood had been in the dumps for many days, since she had realized that she had fallen for Lu Bancheng but saw him with another girl. Hearing of his injury now, she felt that what she had been imagining might not in fact be true; however, Qin Zhi’ai continued to speak, dashing her glimmer of hope.

“Alright, Nuannuan. Let’s not talk about such an upsetting topic anymore. Let’s talk about something happy. Although Brother Bancheng met with such a great mishap, he’s pretty blissful now. When we were at his house last night, I heard him mention to Yusheng that he’s preparing for his upcoming wedding…”

Wedding! Lu Bancheng is actually planning to get married? Who would he marry? Is it that girl Guoguo who I saw at his apartment?

The fluctuating excitement in Xu Wennuan’s heart was instantly extinguished. Qin Zhi’ai didn’t notice her strange expressions and continued to talk casually. “The girl seems to be his caretaker. Based on what Brother Bancheng told us, she was originally hired to take care of him after his accident and, after being together for such a long time, they developed feelings for each other…”

So that’s his relationship with that girl…

Xu Wennuan felt a strange stinging sensation in her eyes, and she nodded her head lightly at Qin Zhi’ai as she agreed and gave a perfunctory reply. “I see…”

“Yeah…” Qin Zhi’ai lowered her head and took a bite of her food. “I saw that girl. She was quite pretty, and she had a good personality—”

Xu Wennuan, who had also met the girl about whom Qin Zhi’ai was talking, agreed that the girl was warm and friendly, but hearing it said out loud was jarring to her. Without waiting for Qin Zhi’ai to finish speaking, she broke her off and changed the subject. “How’s Little Peanut been lately?”

“She’s gained a lot of weight recently. I need to control the amount of sweets she eats. It’s bad for her teeth. She still clings to Jiayan a lot. My mom was babysitting her and took her over to Jiayan’s matchmaking session. Ha… Don’t think that kids these days are just kids. They’re too smart for their own good. She doesn’t know what matchmaking is, but she is aware that someone is going to fight with her for her uncle. Whenever Jiayan carries her, she’s smiling, but once my mom takes over all she does is cry, so the matchmaking session was unsuccessful…”

Xu Wennuan wanted to laugh when she heard Qin Zhi’ai’s story, but the earlier news about Lu Bancheng only let her force a smile and respond, “Other people complain about sabotaging their dads, but Little Peanut is a classic case of sabotaging the uncle.”

Qin Zhi’ai burst into laughter, which caused Xu Wennuan to laugh, too. Suddenly, though, the memories of her aborted child and now the father of that child marrying someone else flashed across her mind.



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