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Season 11

Episode 17

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (17)

But there is no need for Xu Wennuan to know about this now.

Ultimately, I will let go of her completely as I’d already planned before, but this time I will never meet her again.

And she will never know that I was never as useless or horrible as she imagines I was. She will always believe for the rest of her life that I am cruel and heartless only to her, even though her tears bring me to the depths of misery.

Furthermore, I don’t have to tell her the truth behind the abduction. Jiang Qianqian can take the blame because she was indeed at fault to begin with, but ultimately, when I stand before Xu Wennuan, I’ll take the blame for everything. I merely want to destroy her impression of me completely so that my name, Wu Hao, will be erased from her life forever with never a regret.

Xu Wennuan had become increasingly agitated and even had used her hands to beat Wu Hao on the chest. He merely sat on the railing in silence and allowed her to vent in anger without resisting.

This will be the last time that we have any contact…

Xu Wennuan was at the peak of her anger, and tears began to fall from her eyes again. She began yelling, “Wu Hao, he was your good friend! How could you do this to him? Wu Hao, I must have been blind to have been acquainted with you for all these years!”

The more Xu Wennuan spoke, the more merciless her words became. “Wu Hao, from now on, I will pretend that you are dead! You carry on with your life, and I’ll carry on with mine, and we will never have anything to do with each other again!”

Xu Wennuan instantly turned and dashed toward the rooftop door. After getting halfway there, she suddenly recalled that she had dropped the watched earlier. She turned back to pick it up before finally exiting through the door without looking at Wu Hao again.

After she left, only the sound of the bellowing wind kept him company on the roof.

Wu Hao remained seated on the rail without moving until he eventually lowered his head slightly to look toward the library.

He saw Xu Wennuan’s silhouette as she hurried across the school grounds, evidently still crying, as her shoulders would jerk and she would slow down for a moment.

At the start, before he had told her the truth, he had taken one glance at her. This was only the second time tonight he had looked at her.

Wu Hao had never believed the saying that everyone is a coward in romance.

That was why he had pursued her madly when he had been a youth and, after they had broken up, he had regretted his actions terribly and racked his brains to figure out ways to win her back.

Tonight, though, when he had opened up to her, he had realized that he was the most cowardly one in romance.

He had not dared to face the loathing in her eyes. Just like back when he had been poor, instead of saying that he had strived hard so that he could give her a better life, it would have been more appropriate to say that he had lacked confidence and, thus, was a coward. He had been so afraid to not give her an extravagant life because he had thought if he hadn’t she would have left him forever back then.

As he watched her silhouette become smaller, he understood that he was witnessing her walking out of his life. After remaining silent for a long time, he finally trembled at the moment she completely disappeared from his view.

She walked out of my life, just like that.

The faint, yellow lights in the distance suddenly seemed so unusually bright that Wu Hao’s eyes began to sting. After he remained in a daze for some time, he then dared to allow his thoughts to flow.

She just walked out of my life.


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