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Season 11

Episode 16

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (16)

After she had realized that she had fallen for him, she had even felt slightly resentful toward him when she saw him with other girls. She had blamed him for not having waited for her and had been resentful about him not being more patient with her.

Until that very moment, I had not understood how unreasonable my criticisms had been. When I was feeling aggrieved, he actually had physically suffered on my behalf.

A sense of reproach, annoyance, and heartache all mixed together filled Xu Wennuan’s chest, and her body trembled even harder.

“He even said…” Aware that her emotions were already on the brink, Wu Hao stared straight ahead and blinked slightly. His eyes were clear and bright, and he continued speaking to her from Lu Bancheng’s perspective and in his same tone of voice. “That night, I sacrificed myself without hesitation and tried my best to ensure her safety. And from now on, I will continue to do the same.”

Xu Wennuan’s tears poured down like rain.

“I landed in such a state for her sake, so I need to make sure that my sacrifice was more worthy. If I were to implicate her with my current state, then what would be the point of my sacrifice?”

Soft sobbing sounds came out from Xu Wennuan’s mouth from time to time.

“His last words were…” Wu Hao pursed his lower lip tightly before he continued to speak in the same tone of voice, “This is the last thing that I can do for her.”

Xu Wennuan had been trying hard to suppress her cries but, right after Wu Hao finished speaking, she could no longer hold them back and burst out into loud, uncontrollable wails.

With no embarrassment, she rolled down the railing onto the rooftop and squatted down pathetically. Raising her hand to her mouth, her teeth sank viciously into the back of her hand.

When she couldn’t stand the pain anymore, she screeched out Lu Bancheng’s name repeatedly, until eventually she only wailed.

Wu Hao sat on the rooftop and listened as she cried. His hands had subconsciously balled up into fists as turmoil spread throughout his body.

He tried hard to maintain his composure as Xu Wennuan cried her heart out. Eventually, she jerked her head up abruptly and looked toward him. “You’re the one who abducted me, aren’t you?” It wasn’t Jiang Qianqian, was it? Everything happened because of you, didn’t it?”

Wu Hao did not look at her, and neither did he speak. He merely moved his lips slightly and lowered his eyes with a cold expression.

“If it wasn’t for you, Lu Bancheng wouldn’t have ended up paralyzed, would he?” Xu Wennuan suddenly sounded agitated, and she sprung up from the rooftop and glared at Wu Hao with hatred in her eyes. “You made him like that. You ruined him!”

Wu Hao remained silent and didn’t even look up into her eyes; the sound of her voice was a clear indication that their relationship was dissolving. His face became pale and, although he had been capable of speaking earlier, he suddenly could not manage to utter a single word as she continued blaming him for everything that had happened.

Yes, I was wrong. I was absolutely wrong.

But she doesn’t know that in the beginning I had never intended to have anything to do with Jiang Qianqian, that it was her drugs that always seduced me, and I forgot my intentions. If it weren’t for the drugs, I would never have gotten close to Jiang Qianqian.


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