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Season 11

Episode 15

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (15)

His legs were paralyzed?

Wu Hao had said so many shocking things that night that Xu Wennuan found it hard to take in everything she had heard, but the moment he said, “His legs were paralyzed,” she felt as if someone whacked her on the head with a baton. Her mind went completely blank except for a buzzing deep in her ears.

The rooftop was completely silent, and a persistent wind blew up the sounds of students rushing out of night classes in the distance. Their laughter and ruckus could rippled out all the way to the school gates, but Xu Wennuan remained oblivious and emotionless while staring directly at Wu Hao.

As time slipped by, the last of the students had left and the entire school grounds became silent. Wu Hao blinked softly before he concluded, “I’m not too sure how his legs were injured.”

Xu Wennuan was shocked silly and, when she heard Wu Hao’s last sentence, her mind gradually began to operate again.

Lu Bancheng was paralyzed because of me. Lu Bancheng is indefinitely bound to a wheelchair because of me. Lu Bancheng was once so elegant and easygoing, but I saw him seated in that wheelchair with my own two eyes last night.

Her body began to tremble, as this solemn truth was too much for her to bear. Then, she couldn’t help but mumble aloud, “How is this possible? You’re lying to me, aren’t you? He ended up like that because of an accident. Xiao’ai told me that he was injured in an accident. And he’s getting married soon. Even though he’s lost the use of both his legs, he seems to be moving on with a promising life. How could I be the cause…”

Xu Wennuan’s queries varied in volume, and some of her words were incoherent; however, Wu Hao worked to understand what she was trying to articulate and could roughly make out what she was saying.

So after I went to look for Lu Bancheng, he had found a way to reach Qin Zhi’ai’s ears to ensure his relationship with Xu Wennuan would be irreparably severed? He knew that Xu Wennuan was close to Qin Zhi’ai, so he intentionally leaked out the fake information because she was sure to hear it?

Lu Bancheng loves her dearly, yet he intentionally pushed her away. Doesn’t he feel the pain? It must have hurt badly, just like how I feel right now.

Initially, Wu Hao had decided to give in because of Xu Wennuan, but now that things had reached this stage, he suddenly couldn’t tell if he had decided to give in because of his love for her or because he had admitted defeat to Lu Bancheng.

There were things that he need not say, but he still said them to Xu Wennuan clearly and slowly. “That’s because he doesn’t want you to feel any guilt. He intentionally leaked misinformation for you to get wind of to ensure you lead a better life.”

“And actually, I just met him a few days ago. I asked him why he didn’t tell you the truth. He said that it’s because you are a girl for whom he is willing to sacrifice his life.”

Xu Wennuan instantly felt a warm sensation in her eyes, and tears began to trickle down her cheeks to the corners of her trembling lips.

I’m the girl he risked his life for, and he indeed has endured great suffering for my sake yet, like a fool, I’ve been completely oblivious and moving on with my life as if nothing ever happened.


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