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Season 11

Episode 14

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (14)

The kidnappers were covered in injuries? What does that mean? Did someone save me before Wu Hao arrived?

Xu Wennuan’s delicate brows knitted together tightly.

“That’s right. Someone had already saved you before I arrived…”

Wu Hao never once looked at Xu Wennuan; however, he answered her calmly as if he already had known what she would be puzzled about. Xu Wennuan’s eyes widened instantly, and she gaped for some time before she said, “So, you mean that it wasn’t you who saved me that night?”

“There were actually only two kidnappers near you at that point in time. The third one was fished out of the river behind that abandoned factory. If my guess is correct, the person who saved you risked his life for you and was willing to perish along with the kidnapper when he jumped out that window with him.”

Wu Hao avoided giving her a direct answer and merely described everything that he had seen when he arrived and not the facts that he had only heard about.

After he finished speaking, he fell silent for a moment before he lifted his hand, took out the watch from his pocket, and slowly passed it over to Xu Wennuan. “I found this at the place where you were kidnapped that night.”

Xu Wennuan stared in shock at the watch in Wu Hao’s palm for a very long time before she gradually reached out her hand and took it from him.

Through the dim, yellow lights around the rooftop, she examined the watch in depth. She found it familiar but couldn’t recall where she had seen it.

Wu Hao tilted his head slightly and took one glance at Xu Wennuan before his eyes landed on the watch in her hands. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew across the roof and, after it had passed, their surroundings were deeply silent, and Wu Hao could clearly hear the faint ticking of the second hand measuring time. He followed its tempo and counted a few times in his heart. He did not give Xu Wennuan a direct answer as to who the owner of the watch was and, instead, he said, “When I was driving you back to town, I saw a car near where you were kidnapped. The license plate was…”

As Wu Hao recited a string of numbers, their familiarity caused Xu Wennuan’s world to come to a standstill. She stared straight into the watch, and her heart and lungs stopped functioning. The license plate number Wu Hao had recited echoed in her mind before it finally resolved as “Lu Bancheng.”

Lu Bancheng’s car license plate… Why would he be out in those suburbs? He’d agreed to meet me below the overhead bridge by the Majestic Clubhouse on the night I was abducted…

No wonder that watch is so familiar… It’s Lu Bancheng’s watch that he wore every day!

Wu Hao had said earlier that he found this watch where I was abducted… So the person who saved me before Wu Hao arrived was…

Although Wu Hao did not look at Xu Wennuan, he could already sense that she had figured out who her knight was, but he added anyway, “Lu Bancheng was the one who saved you that night.”

Xu Wennuan’s body shook violently, and the watch slipped through her fingers and crashed on the rooftop. When Wu Hao heard this, he still did not look at her to avoid her expression, and he merely continued in a quiet voice. “His legs were paralyzed in his attempt to save you.”


  1. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu15 December 2020 at 14:20

    Interesting but LU Bancheng told him not to tell her. Can't wait to see how he will feel now that she has known

  2. Wu hao at last you did something good



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