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Season 11

Episode 13

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (13)

Wu Hao couldn’t remember the tiny incident that had led to it, but he did remember how much he had regretted their argument and had turned around to look for her to apologize. After having searched the entire school, he had finally found her here. Upon seeing her and without speaking, he had merely pulled her straight into his arms and hugged her tightly.

He had not been the only one who had regretted their argument. Xu Wennuan, too, had regretted it and, after he had apologized to her, she had lifted her arms and hugged his waist before she had said softly, “Wu Hao, let’s not argue anymore in the future, alright?”

How did I reply to her back then?

He had promised that he would never quarrel with her again, that he would treat her well and make her happy forever.

That night, the sky had been bright and decorated with stars. His tone of voice had been solemn and serious, as if he had been making the sincerest promise he would ever make.

That night, he had genuinely believed in what he had promised; however, as time had gone by, he had also continued arguing with her and stopped treating her well. Neither had he fulfilled his promise of making her happy and blissful forever.

That man would have been able to do the things that I had not. I couldn’t give her happiness, but that man would have been able to.

In that sense, would I be fulfilling the promise that I made as a youth in another way?

In Wu Hao’s heart, he was now clear about the consequences of his choice. From then on, they would go their separate ways and never meet again.

He stared at her delicate face for a moment before turning his eyes away and looking straight at the lamp post near the field. He sank into thought and, after a long time, he blinked gently several times. Coming to a resolution, he said, “Nuannuan, I actually already knew about the Jiang Qianqian incident.”

Already knew? What does he mean?

Xu Wennuan was stunned and turned her head abruptly to look at Wu Hao. Aware of her staring at him, he continued focusing on the lamp post without blinking. As if Xu Wennuan had not reacted, he continued to speak. “She wanted to take you over to her house to use you to threaten me to marry her.”

After a pause, he continued. “I was the one who used her identity to arrange for the kidnappers. I wanted to play the hero who rescues the damsel in distress. I wanted to be with you again, and so I took the opportunity to use Jiang Qianqian.”

Shock surfaced in Xu Wennuan’s eyes.

“Although I was the one who arranged for the abduction, I never thought of hurting you. Even if I had met with an accident that night, I would never have allowed anything to happen to you. Nuannuan, that was what I thought regardless of whether you believe it or not. After I received the call from the kidnapper, I immediately rushed over to you from the city.

“On my way there, I was actually prepared to suffer serious injuries. I even wondered if you would be able to forgive me for the things that occurred between me and Jiang Qianqian if anything were to happen to me because of you.

“I had planned out everything to a T. But you know what? Nuannuan, plans will always be one step behind the changes that happen in our lives. Before the actual ending happens, you never know what the ending will be. Harboring hopes of starting afresh with you, I got to where the kidnappers were holding you. I had prepared for a fierce fight with them, but after pushing that door open I only saw the kidnappers already beaten and covered in injuries…”


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