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Season 11

Episode 11

(To Go Our Separate Ways Till The End Of The World (11)

The two of them remained in silence for a very long time. Wu Hao did not turn his head to look at Xu Wennuan and continued to look straight at the night view. Then, as if he had thought through it deeply and filtered his words, he suddenly asked, “Nuannuan, is there really no hope for us to start fresh again?”

When Xu Wennuan heard him speak, her black pupils moved slightly. She didn’t know whether it was because the wind was blowing into her eyes or it was because she had stared at the same spot for too long, but her eyes were stinging. She was not in a hurry to reply and seemed to be seriously considering his question. After an extended silence, she finally gave him an unusually calm reply. “Wu Hao, you must be aware in your heart that we are no longer who we were in the past.”

Wu Hao looked down and nodded his head lightly with a quiet expression on his face. “Yes, we are no longer who we were in the past.”

So there really is no hope for us to have a fresh start…

Wu Hao’s eyes began to sting and, after a few seconds of silence, he then said, “Nuannuan, I truly loved you.”

But I no longer love him now. Someone else is in my heart who I love even more than I used to love him.

When Xu Wennuan heard Wu Hao say this, her eyes also stung. She forced herself to hold back her emotions and nodded her head gently before she sighed and said, “I’m aware that you loved me, just like how I’m also very clear that I used to love you, as well.”

“However, we merely loved in the past. Although it was because of you that I was abducted, I’m still very grateful that you saved me, but that is merely gratitude, and it’s insufficient to help us return to our past.”

Wu Hao felt as if something was choking him, and a sour, astringent taste filled his mouth.

I loved her and she loved me. We both loved each other wholeheartedly. We used to be poor but blissful, and we could have continued to be happy until the end, but then we both changed, and our love and happiness were gone with the wind.

We still remained in each other’s hearts, but we’ll never fall in love with each other again because we’ve already gone our separate ways in life. Now we are too far apart and can never return to the past again.

She was my youth, and I was hers, but our love died young during those beautiful but merciless days.

Loved… Ultimately, we merely loved. We aren’t still loving.

We could reminisce about our relationship in the future, but right now it is very depressing.

Wu Hao remained silent for a long time before he eventually said, “Nuannuan, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead,” Xu Wennuan replied.

“Nuannuan…” Wu Hao paused for a moment before he finished his sentence. “Are you in love with someone else?”

Xu Wennuan hadn’t expected him to ask her such a question so abruptly, and she appeared stunned. Without waiting for her to reply, Wu Hao continued to ask, “Is that person Lu Bancheng?”

Wu Hao’s words had read her heart, and Xu Wennuan was stunned once again, but this time Wu Hao did not continue to speak. Other than the sound of the wind, it was silent on the rooftop. Xu Wennuan stared at the distant city lights for some time before she directly answered Wu Hao honestly without hiding anything. “Yes.”

After a pause, she said, “I’m in love with him.”

As if she was afraid that he did not hear her, she emphasized a third time, “I’m in love with Lu Bancheng.”


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