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Season 10

Episode 99

(The Last Thing to Do for Her (9)

Lu Bancheng cleared his throat twice and proceeded to speak with authority. “I hope that you will continue to keep everything you know a secret.”


This word was like a slap to Wu Hao’s face. Both of them were smart enough to know what that meant. Lu Bancheng was signaling to him that he had been aware that Wu Hao had always known that Lu Bancheng was the one who had saved Xu Wennuan and that Wu Hao had let her believe that he instead had saved her.

A look of awkwardness flashed across Wu Hao’s eyes, and his gaze suddenly seemed to drift as he looked at Lu Bancheng, as he was obviously afraid to look at him straight in the eye. Lu Bancheng, however, did not continue to press Wu Hao on his deception and merely continued to speak in a calm voice.

“If you’re truly remorseful, then promise me—to let the truth rot deep in your belly and never let her know about it.”

“And Wu Hao, I’m sure you are very aware that I did not do this to help you out. I merely want her to have a good life. As I’ve said before, I’m different from you. When you’re thinking about how to win her over, I’m thinking about how not to implicate her.

“From the instant you cheated on her with Jiang Qianqian, I knew that you did not deserve to be by her side. Unfortunately, however, I have no right to talk about worthiness in my current state. So, take it that I’m begging you. If you truly love her, then treat her well. I’m willing to give you both my most sincere blessings.

“If you’re not capable of treating her well in her lifetime, then treat her as a friend by allowing her to seek a good life.”

Do I love Nuannuan? Yes, I truly do.

Does Lu Bancheng love Nuannuan? Yes, he truly loves her, as well.

Back then, when I learned that Lu Bancheng had raped Nuannuan, my heart burned with rage and I yearned to destroy him… But now, with Lu Bancheng mentioning these things, I feel my own face burning.

I dated Nuannuan for 10 years, and I had always felt that I knew what love was. But right now, looking at Lu Bancheng, I’m lost.

Clearly, we both love her, but why do we express our love so differently? Do I really know what love is?

Wu Hao felt a warm sensation rise in his throat. He repeated his queries in his heart many times before he finally looked up at Lu Bancheng. He actually knew why Lu Bancheng behaved the way he did, but he still asked, “You… Why…”

“Are you asking me why I’m not using this chance to tell Xu Wennuan the truth so that I can be with her?” Lu Bancheng completed the question for Wu Hao when he saw how he had stopped after saying a few words.

Wu Hao did not reply. Lu Bancheng knew that Wu Hao had given his silent acknowledgment, and he smiled before continuing. “Because she is a girl with whom I’m willing to trade my life.”

“I sacrificed my life that night with no hesitation to ensure her safety. I will also do so in the future.

“And as you said earlier. I ended up in this wheelchair because of her. Yes, that’s right. I’ve already sacrificed myself and am in this state because of her, but to remain worthy, she must not know. My sacrifice needs to be more worthy. If I implicate her in my current state, then what’s the point of my sacrifice?”


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