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Season 10

Episode 98

(The Last Thing to Do for Her (8)

Lu Bancheng had expected to see Guoguo at the door, and when he turned and saw Wu Hao, he was also shocked; however, he quickly regained his composure. “Why are you here?”

Wu Hao stared fixedly at Lu Bancheng’s wheelchair and remained silent. Lu Bancheng smiled faintly before he turned the wheelchair with his hands and backed away some distance to make way for Wu Hao. “Come on in.”

Wu Hao took one glance at Lu Bancheng and walked in without saying a word. Right after he closed the door, Lu Bancheng pointed at the shoe cabinet and said, “It’s not very convenient for me so look for a pair of slippers in there to change into.”

Wu Hao pursed his lips and continued to remain silent. He followed Lu Bancheng’s instructions and retrieved a pair of slippers. After Wu Hao changed out of his shoes, Lu Bancheng spun his wheelchair and moved into the living room. After stopping next to the sofa, he pointed at the dining area and said to Wu Hao, who was walking toward him, “Do you want some water? Might have to trouble you to get it yourself.”

Wu Hao continued to remain silent and his eyes locked onto Lu Bancheng once again. After half a minute, he suddenly lifted his feet and strode over to Lu Bancheng in wide steps. Without giving Lu Bancheng the chance to react, he yanked the blanket off Lu Bancheng’s legs with great force and pulled up his sports shorts to look at his thighs.

When Wu Hao saw three hideous scars on Lu Bancheng’s thighs, his body trembled violently. His fingers began to quiver as he held onto Lu Bancheng’s shorts. After a long time, Wu Hao finally composed himself and looked up into Lu Bancheng’s eyes. “It was you that day, wasn’t it?”

In contrast to the waves of emotions that washed over Wu Hao’s eyes, Lu Bancheng’s expression appeared to be unusually calm, and he was not in a hurry to answer Wu Hao’s question. He didn’t know how much Wu Hao knew, and if he knew nothing Lu Bancheng would deny it. If Wu Hao had discovered something, Lu Bancheng had other plans.

“You were the one who saved Nuannuan on January 4th, weren’t you?” Wu Hao was more specific this time, and he didn’t give Lu Bancheng a chance to respond, stating, “The injuries on your thigh are a result of that night, aren’t they? You ended up in this wheelchair because of her, didn’t you?”

Lu Bancheng looked down. “Wu Hao—”

He didn’t manage to finish his sentence because Wu Hao spoke up again and cut him off. “I knew it was you because I…”

As he spoke, he felt about his pockets. When his hand felt the watch that he had picked up beside Xu Wennuan on the night she had been abducted, he suddenly stopped. He had intended to take it out and show it to Lu Bancheng; however, another thought crossed his mind and, although he was not sure that he would have the confidence to act on it, he retracted his hand from his pocket and tried. “I saw your car nearby.”

Barely pausing, he became more direct. “It was the middle of the night, and you wouldn’t have just headed out there on a whim. You followed after her when you witnessed her abduction, didn’t you?”

It seems I can no longer keep Wu Hao in the dark…

After a moment of silence, Lu Bancheng lifted his head and returned Wu Hao’s gaze without answering his question. He then began to say what he had been wanting to say all along.

“Because you already know, I do not intend to keep you in the dark. I’ll be honest with you. The reason why I let you into my home today is because I have an important favor to ask of you…”

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