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Season 10

Episode 92

(The Last Thing to Do for Her (2)

As Xu Wennuan spoke, she looked up at Lu Bancheng and realized that his expression was indifferent, as if he was not the least bit interested in what had happened to her that night. Her words suddenly were stuck in her mouth and she stopped talking.

Thinking that she had finished speaking, he nodded lightly at her and merely acknowledged her with a casual, “I see.”

So, he is really uninterested in what happened to me…

Xu Wennuan felt her heart wrench in pain so uncomfortably that she found it difficult to breathe, and silence filled the living room once again. Xu Wennuan had nothing else to say, even after thinking for something so, when she couldn’t stand the silence anymore, she said, “Well, I’ve no business here, so I should be taking off.”

“Okay,” Lu Bancheng replied in a direct manner.

When Xu Wennuan stood up, Lu Bancheng remained seated on the sofa with no apparent intention to send her off. She lifted her bag, stood for two seconds, and then prepared to turn away when suddenly she could not resist cheerfully asking, “Is she your girlfriend?”

Lu Bancheng’s back tensed up and his hand subconsciously landed on his paralyzed leg. She had never been concerned about his affairs before, and this was the first time she had ever asked about him personally. Back then, he would have been overjoyed, but right now all he felt was an endless sense of helplessness. Whether her question was asked purely out of curiosity or it was asked because she actually cared did not matter anymore. All that was important to him now was how unworthy he was to be in her world.

Lu Bancheng gazed at Xu Wennuan’s warm, clear eyes for some time before he nodded his head lightly and acknowledged with an intelligible sound.

Xu Wennuan felt as if her heart had just been sliced by a blade, and her entire body quivered. She smiled and said, “She’s rather pretty. Good for you.”

Lu Bancheng looked down and smiled slightly without speaking.

Feeling her eyes stinging, Xu Wennuan did not dare to remain any longer. After a final goodbye, she hurriedly turned and dashed out the door without waiting for Lu Bancheng to respond.

Before she reached the entrance, her eyes had already filled with tears. Without raising her hand to wipe them away, she found her shoes through her blurred vision, squatted down, and frantically began to change them. After trying and failing to tie her shoelaces, she gave up, stood straight, and pushed the door open, but before she could walk out, her shoelaces loosened, tripping and landing her flat on the floor. Tears furiously welled up in her eyes.

When Guoguo heard the commotion, she ran out of her bedroom while yelling, “Lu Bancheng!” When she realized that it wasn’t him who had fallen, she heaved a sigh of relief before she walked toward the entrance and saw Xu Wennuan on the floor. She ran over quickly and bent down to help her up. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Because of the tears in her eyes, Xu Wennuan did not dare to look at Guoguo, so keeping her head down she shook her head before mumbling that she was fine. She straightened herself up and pulled her elbow away before hobbling to the elevator.

“Did you twist your ankle?” Guoguo chased after her when she saw that Xu Wennuan was limping.


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