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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 8 👶

‘Are you okay Eva??'..I asked again on the walk to school..

‘Yeah,yeah I'm perfectly okay why do you ask??'..She replied but still nervous and I shrugged...

‘Nothing and Oh God'...I breathed heavily as Martin and his gang circled around me again just at the gate..

‘Well,well,well it's papa again!! How's your daughter Jack?!'..He taunted..

‘ I don't want any trouble from anyone Martin please just leave me alone'..I replied and then his eyes traveled to Eva...

‘Ohhh ohhh look at this fine piece of chicken,wanna go out sometime pretty?!'..He asked still on his skateboard..

‘I'd rather drink sea water and die than go out with someone as stupid as you!! stay away from Jack he's done nothing!!'..She yelled..

‘Yikes someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed'..Martin muttered and walked away with his peers..

‘Thanks'..I told Eva..

‘You have a daughter you shouldn't let them bully you like that'..She replied and I nodded as we both walked inside...


‘Jack!!! You should know about this equation!!'..Mr Rudolf yelled..

‘But sir I got the answer didn't I?? I got the answer??'..I argued and he scoffed..

‘So you think you knowing better than me now huh?? You think that as a teacher I don't know what I'm doing?? Just cause you have a daughter you think you're smart!!!'..

‘But sir I got the answer'..I gasped trying to hold myself...

breathe Jack...

breathe he's just trying to get to you...

‘Ohhh you got the answer but I don't like your method!! so your answer is wrong'..He replied...

‘Sorry to interrupt sir but I don't want to be rude and I speak for all of us here that you're acting like a jerk bag!!'..Eva called out from behind...

‘And you are??'..

‘I am a new student and I see that you're using foul language against a student!! a teacher is supposed to correct a student's mistake not throw it in his face and besides why are you acting like a jerk!!! he has a daughter so?? it still doesn't give you the right to talk to him like that does it??!!'..

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