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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 6👶

‘Like that is so f**king harsh to say to a student'..One of the girls from Class said to someone else but as soon as she saw me she kept mute...

‘Detention again Jack??'..The teacher in charge asked and I nodded..

‘What is it this time??'..He asked..

‘Well I was late that's all'..I replied and brought out my books to finish my homework..

‘He looks so miserable'..Two other girls from behind me giggled and I sighed deeply waiting for the detention period to be over...


The bell for first period was over and I rushed out of the class trying so hard to hold all my large books when the Janitor's wife approached me..

‘She's running temperature Jack but I'm doing my best to keep her level headed okay?? Did you take her to the hospital for her check up yesterday??'..She asked and then it dawned on me...

‘Shit I totally forgot about that!! Damn it!!'..I groaned loudly and she smiled...

‘Its okay,you make mistakes it's okay and it's alright'..She said and walked away..

I have a ton of school work to finish and now Lily is running temperature..

Oh God please don't let my baby fall sick I can't deal with that right now..

‘Hey papa, how's the diaper issue!!'.. Martin from the basketball ball group teased as he slapped my books to the ground and I sighed deeply..

‘Loser!'..He added..

it's okay Jack..

Martin is just a jerk and everyone knows that...

he's just a jerk and everyone knows that..

‘How's Lily doing??'..Janet asked as she helped me pick my books..

‘Ohh...ohh she's...she's..uhh she's doing okay although running temperature a little bit but she's doing okay'..I stuttered..

Of course I'm gonna stutter!!..

she's like one of the most popular girls in school dating one of the popular guys and she's talking to me!!!...

‘Ohhh sorry about that,you finished the project??'..She asked..

‘Yeah actually I sticked with my own concept but I helped you with yours though with a few modifications'..I replied and she squealed excitedly..

‘You are the best Jack!!!'..She said and to my utmost surprise she kissed my cheeks and walked away..

well that was something...


School was over and I grabbed Lily and her stroller to go to the hospital when three guys with Martin blocked my way...

‘Uhhhh please excuse me'..

‘We aren't excusing you young man until you tell us why you kissed Janet!! my girlfriend!!'..Martin yelled..

‘I didn't...I didn't kiss her she just kissed my cheek...that's..that's all'..I stuttered..

Janet has a boyfriend??..

and it's Martin??..

‘Ohhh really huh??'..He groaned and his friends grabbed Lily's things away from me..

‘Hey give that back!!! stop it give that back!!!'..I cried out but it was too late..

they threw it inside the lake..



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