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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 4👶

‘Detention huh??'.. Janet murmured as I sat next to her..

‘Yeah why...why..why are you here??'..I asked and she shrugged..

‘Meh just normal stuff'.. She said and then handed a book over to me.

‘I know Mr Rudolf is at it again,seriously you should stand up to him so he could stop talking to you like that'..

‘What is....

‘My project, you can have it.. it's not 💯 but with some few modifications from you it'll be perfect'..She cut in and I smiled..

‘Thank you so much Janet'..


The bell rung for the end of school and I quickly went to Mrs Hannah to grab lily..

‘She's a sleeper and eats too!!'..She exclaimed..

Yeah typical Lily who loves eating and sleeping...

‘Thanks ma'am we'll get going now'..I said and hooked Lily into the baby carrier and carried some of her things in her little baby bag..

‘Ohhh look it's papa again!!'..The boys from the basketball team yelled and I rolled my eyes...

’Have you changed her diapers papa?? Have you changed her diapers papa??'..

I ignored whatever they had to say and then almost one third of the school girl's population,the nice ones rushed over to where I was and started awwwing...

‘Awwww she's so cute when sleeping'..

‘Awwww she has the cutest lips'..

‘Awwww here I made a cute bonnet for her'..

‘Here have this cute wool socks!!'..

This is another thing about being a single dad...

I get a lot of gifts but it's damn tiring..

‘Okay we'll leave now!'...I quickly said and ran away before any germs get on my daughter...


‘Lily!! Shhh!'..I whispered seeing mom in the kitchen and she started crying..

‘Get that vermin of a child away from here!!'..Mom yelled..

‘Mom she's your granddaughter!!'..

’she's an unholy child who God has cursed!! Take her away from here!! Before she stains me with the sins of her mother and father!!'..

’Mom!!!'..I cried out..

‘Take her away!!'..



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