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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 3👶

Four Months Later 👶
˜Dad I'm late for school!!!'..I yelled..

˜Well still come down for breakfast will you?? Your mom is at the church!!'..He replied..

˜No I still have to take Lily to the hospital for her monthly check up!!'..I hollered back and went over to the baby cot which was next to me..

My four month old daughter Lily was still asleep and I kissed her cheeks lightly as I went into the bathroom...

Even though the world might be against us she's the only source of my joy and when I feel like giving up her smile gives me home..

˜Waaa!!!'..She started crying and I started burping her so she would be fine and okay…

Everyday I take her to school and leave her with Mrs Hannah the Janitors wife who lives with him in the school…

˜Okay let's get you dressed shall we??'..I whispered and went into the bathroom..

˜Gosh Lily no!!!!'


˜How's the baby Papa!'..The boys in the basketball club taunted as I walked inside the hallway but still I decided to ignore them..

It's normal now getting taunted for having a kid in school…

˜Hey papa how's the baby?? Is her mother doing okay?!'..Another one taunted and angrily I clenched my fist..

It's so disgusting how they make fun of a Emily like that..

˜Don't mind what they say how's lily?? She doing okay??'..Janet from the cheerleader squad who is immensely popular but at the same time the nicest person in school..

˜Yeah Yeah yeah she's doing okay'..I stuttered..

It's so hard to talk to her you know,when I'm pretty the shy talking type..

˜Well the girls and I made this for her hope she'll like it'..She said and I opened the package to see a little pink sweater with BEST DAD written on it..

˜Thank..thanks she'll…she'll love it'..I said and walked away briskly before I peed in my pants...

˜He's so unfortunate,getting to raise a kid in highschool without it's mother'..One of her friends said..

˜Shhhh you don't have to say that?? He's doing the best he can'..Another one whispered and I shook my head..

The taunting..

The bullying..

The pity talk from all the girls I have to face this bullshit every single day and sometimes I just wish I could just go away and lock myself away from the world with only Lily by my side...

She's the only one who understands me even though she can't talk she knows when to smile when I really need one..

I went into Physics class and sat down waiting for Mr Rudolf and when he came in he called me out...

˜Jack!! Your project??'..He asked and I gulped hard..

˜So..sorry..¦so sorry sir I couldn't finish it and I left it at home'..I said and everyone laughed...

˜You didn't finish the project??'..he asked..

˜Well sir I was…I wasn't paired with anyone like the rest of them all and I...and I had to take care of...take care of my daughter'.. I replied…

Why is he doing this to me??..

Why does he love picking on me so much???…

He paired every single person in the class except for me knowing fully well that I have a daughter to take care of..

˜Well maybe next time you should keep your manhood in your pants and don't kill a 16 year old girl and then next time why don't you take your daughter to an orphanage or something!!!'..He yelled and the whole class stopped laughing at me hearing the gravity of his words..

˜Detention now!!!'..

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