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πŸ‘ΆπŸ“šHigh School DadπŸ‘ΆπŸ“š

πŸ“š(The Nerd who became a father)πŸ“š

-πŸ“šA short High school story-πŸ“š

    πŸ‘ΆEpisode 2πŸ‘Ά

‘What?!!!'..I yelled as I got up from the waiting chair..

‘Sorry Jack but the doctors couldn't stop the bleeding now Emily is gone'..Dad replied and I couldn't help but burst into tears..

‘She can't die!! No Dad you can't tell me she's dead she can't die!!'..I yelled..

‘You caused this!!! If only you had stayed away from my daughter she would be in the church now playing the piano!!'.. Emily's father screamed at me and grabbed onto my shirt but luckily dad came in to my

‘Leave him alone!! Your daughter also slept with him not like he raped her or anything they are both kids and they were both drunk!!'..He said and I gulped hard..

Emily's gone??..

‘Martha is outside in the snow and crying her heart out!! She's my only daughter and now she's gone what are we going to do?? Now there's a new born child and God knows I'm not taking care of any child!! That child is the reason I lost my daughter!!'... Emily's father broke down..

The child..

My daughter..

What am I going to say to her when she grows up??..

How is she going to grow up anyways??...

I'm 17 and in senior year with years to go before I go into college..

‘It's okay Jack we'll find a solution'..Dad patted my shoulder..

‘Where is mom??'..I asked sniffing loudly..

‘Uhhh she's not coming,you know how your mother is she takes her church duties seriously and according to her this place is unholy for her'..He replied..

’Typical'..I murmured and slumped back down on the chair..

Mom has never been the supportive type..

She loves everything perfect..

Her clothes,her home,her holy self and everything that surrounds her..

And according to her I am not holy in her eyes anymore and she has disowned me as her sonΓ’€¦

‘Do you wanna see her?? She's in the nursery??'..Dad asked and I nodded as I walked over to the nursery where my daughter was..

She looked so frail and fragile inside the little glass box where she was and I couldn't help but touch her hand..

‘Hey little girl,your mommy is gone and it's just us now'..I whispered with tears pouring down my cheeks...

Even though the world is cruel seeing this little bundle just brings a sort of calmness to my life..

‘We are going to pull through Jack,forget your mother and her stupid Christian fanatics,you are still going to go to school and fulfil your dreams and you are also going to take care of your daughter.. It's what Emily would want okay??'..Dad said as he patted on my shoulder..


Dad is right!!..

I'm a highschool Dad now and I'm going to make it!

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