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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-
    👶 Episode 16👶

‘Dad we need to get her to the hospital!!'..I yelled as I scrambled down to my knees to carry Eva...

‘What happened to her?!! what the hell is happening??'..Dad asked and I clenched my fists...

Dylan happened..

‘Here hold her I've got to go sort some things out'..I grumbled under my breath..

i might wear glasses and read five books a day but I sure know when someone deserves a punch and I'm gonna give her husband one hell of a punch...

‘Uhhh who are you??'...He asked as I barged into the house and angrily I grabbed a vase and bashed his head...

‘That's for pushing my best friend out the window!!'..I said and rushed out of the door again...

‘What's going on?!!'..Dad asked as the ambulance finally approached..

‘I'll explain later we gotta go now!!'..


‘Wh...Wh..what happened?? What am I doing in the hospital??'...Eva asked as she finally opened her eyes..

‘Well for one you refused running away from your darling husband just because he's a sweetheart and then secondly he pushed you out the window and here you are bleeding, were pregnant again Eva, lost the baby:..I replied and she gripped the sheets..

‘No!!! No!!! No!! No it's not true!! please tell me it isn't true!!'..

‘Sorry Eva, you lost the child again know it hurts seeing you in pain Eva please let me help you.You heal my pain I heal yours it's a win win Eva please'..I begged clasping her hands in mine...

‘What is gonna happen?? What are people going to say?? What am I going to say?? How do I leave Dylan he's going to kill me!!'..She cried out..

‘Well If you become my girlfriend I don't see why we can't be happy??'..I replied and her brows shot up..


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