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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 14👶

‘This is really hard to fathom,why don't you just leave him???'..I asked and she shook her head...

‘Call me stupid but I still love Dylan very much and yes when he isn't drinking he's a sweetheart'..

‘But he's abusing you!! you're going to college and he's 25 years old for crying out loud he needs to take responsibility for you!! look at the scars he's inflicted on you!! I'll be rapping up college in a year,come with LILY AND I we'll go away from here'..I scowled..

‘No look you don't understand,Dylan is my love,I love him very very much'..She refused and I grabbed her arm..

‘Fine I might need glasses to see but look at yourself!!! you're clearly injured and you need help!! come with me let's run away Eva, I'm the nerd who became a father at a young age and you're the girl who married at a young age.. We're terribly alike so let's run away Eva,let's run away and never return to this f**ked up place, let's run away please Eva,ever since Emily died Lily has been the only joy in my life and when you came my joy grew,you helped me get through a lot of stupid stuffs and I'm grateful for it!! you stood up to my bullies when I couldn't and you helped me conquer my fear and also convinced me to go to college....Please let's run away please,let's leave here and never come back'..I begged..

‘I...I...I just can't leave Dylan all alone?!! I'm his supporting system Jack and I just can't leave him don't you see??'..She said yanking her hands away from my grasp and I sighed deeply.

‘This is the one and only change we have Eva, let's leave here and go to San Francisco,I..I have connections let's just go Eva please if you keep up with this he's going to kill you!!'..I yelled..

‘Sorry,I..I can't'..

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