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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 13👶

‘You are married??? Eva is this a joke?! Cause if it is then it's not funny!!'..I exclaimed loudly and she pursed her lips..

‘I knew you'd judge me,I just knew it!!'..

‘No no don't think that way at all I'm not judging you or anything I'm just shocked that you're married!! Eva you're Nineteen and you've been married for three years without me knowing?? you got married at the age of sixteen??!'..I exclaimed..

‘No fourteen,I got married at the age of Fourteen...Well his name is Dylan and he was twenty when I met him.He was the substitute P.E teacher in my school and so handsome that I crushed on him the first day he helped me get into some boots.Now it's not like it's a new thing when uhmmm when girls crush on their teachers but I was in love with mine..So like on a particular day I got detention along with other students and he was in school then,I wanted to go home but then he stopped me saying that he really likes me and all,now I as so happy cause like my crush was talking to me and the age difference really didn't matter since he was also a freshman in college on holiday.From there we started dating,he would squeeze my butt whenever he had the chance and no one even noticed,we would go into the girls bathroom and make out till my limbs went numb,I was fourteen yes but I didn't care,all I wanted was Dylan'..She said and paused...

‘Go on I'm listening'..I urged and she shrugged a little..

‘Well when I clocked fifteen he proposed and I said yes..Everyone was shocked even my parents and they were like you're out of your mind and all of that but I didn't care,I loved Dylan so much and I couldn't bear to loose him so after that i decided to go on with the wedding even if it meant cutting off all relationships.We went to the registry and we lied with ages and fake IDs to get married'..

‘So what then happened??'..

‘We lived great but I was scorned by everyone at school and he was fired from work but life was still good,he treated me like a queen and the sex was great too even though at a young age he treated me with respect and he was always so good in bed.But my marriage started crumbling down when we moved here,he started drinking and I couldn't bear it so whenever I complain he would beat me,I was pregnant when you left you know but after he hit me with a curling iron I lost the child'..She replied and I gapsed... 

Oh my God!!!

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