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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 12👶

‘You don't mean anything to me!!! your life was already far away from God the moment you told me you were going to become a father!!!'..Mother screamed at the top of her voice and I smiled..

‘Humans make mistakes mother and God forgives them!! David in the bible made a lot of mistakes!!! terrible mistakes but God forgave him didn't he?! so keep your gospel toxicity to yourself I don't care about it anymore!! you are the worst mother someone could ever ask for!! Come on Lily,Eva let's go'..I said aloud and walked away leaving her speechless..


‘Well that was epic,why does she treat you like that?? you're not the first high school dad are you?? your dad doesn't even go to church but he's the closest thing to a great person'..Eva exclaimed and I smiled...

‘Well my mom takes her own part of Christianity to the next level,I've denounced her as my mother a long time ago and now I don't care anymore'...

’But shes your mother isn't she??'..

‘Yeah she is but let's forget about that and talk about you...You seem to be hiding a lot from me and I think it's time you start talking'..I muttered and she sighed deeply..

‘I....I....I.... Well it's a long story and I don't think you want to know about it cause it's not really something I like to talk about'..

’But we're friends aren't we?? And you're the closest thing to a mother for Lily so spill the beans,what's going on with you?? I have been noticing you in pain for the past three years and I don't want to intrude in your personal space but I think you should shaire with me'..I said and she nodded..

‘Well it might come as a shock to you but I'm married'..


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