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 👶📚High School Dad👶📚

📚(The Nerd who became a father)📚

-📚A short High school story-📚

    👶Episode 1👶

˜She's dead'..Dad broke the news to me and my mouth opened as soon as I heard what he said to me..

Let me take you back to how it started

My name is Jack, Jack Avil and I'm 17 years old,well 18 next month and my life is about to go down in crumbles..

I'm a nerd..

Like a nerd who is super shy to talk to girls and all of that and I'm usually called four eyes by my peers..

Life in highschool has always been somewhat of a sour ride for me and it's not over yet..

Well let me just go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush..

Her name is or should I say was Emily and she was one of the most cutest girls in school,I crushed on her from 4th grade and when she finally said her first word to me ˜Hi' I felt on top of the world..

We started studying together,eating lunch together and even though she was taunted by her other peers she was still very nice to me..

Things were going great in my life until that night we both got invited to a party and for the first time in my life I got drunk..

Got drunk and Emily also got drunk and I deflowered her..

I mean I had s*x with her or something like that..

We both avoided each other after that night incident until she approached me one day to break the news to me..

˜I'm pregnant'..


I was going to be a father?!!,that was all I thought and it was the most terrifying experience of my life..

The whole school was talking about it!..

The whole church was talking about it.

I was nothing I'm mom's eyes but dad was a little bit supportive..

Emily and I went through a lot of shame throughout her pregnancy period and I couldn't focus in school so I had to drop out for a while.


Till this day and now my daughter is here..

And her mother is gone..

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