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         EPISODE FOUR.

She stares across the restaurant, deciding whether or not she should just leave since the one she's here for isn't coming anyways.

"Are you leaving so soon young lady?"

The man that's behind the counter asks and she flashes him a small smile before nodding her head and proceeding to get out of there when the door had happened and the very person she had been expecting came right through the door.

She sighs before shaking her head at her then getting up from where she's sitting which is away from other customers before walking over to her best friend.

"Sorry I'm so late. It was hard to let Zayn let go of me."

"Hey oppresssionnnn."

She rolls her eyes at her best friend who only laughed at her before they both take a seat.

"What would you like to get young ladies?"

A waiter asks them and they both turn their head to stare at the guy who is slightly tall and has a small smile across his face.

"I'm good for now. Thanks."

Zara smiles at him and he nods his head before looking over to Alicia who said the same thing and he walks away before the both girls turns over to each other.

"Okay now you have my full ears, I couldn't make out much from what you were saying on the phone because I was with Zayn. I could only hear bits of bits."


       ZARA'S POV

How do I start this? To day that I had some up in the bed of a stranger who's almost like the most beautiful man I've ever seen but he's dude as fuck though she wouldn't blame that ok him because he would have probably thought dirty of her, especially after he told her that she begged for sex.

God! I'm never getting drunk ever again!

I shouldn't even have in the first place but I was just so angry abd I just needed to forget things for a little while, who knew it would lead to such a diaster?

"Where did you left to last night? I thought we were at the party together."

"Yeah but then you said that you were going to dance and that's it. You just disappeared and I couldn't find you anymore. Not that I really took much effort into doing that because j was wasted as fuck. Zayn was the one who picked me up after the party closed and I wouldn't leave... I'm never getting drunk like that again. My head still hurts like shit..."

"I'm the one to talk. I woke up in a stranger's bed."

I groan and I watch her eyes go widened immediately.

"You did what?"

"You wouldn't want to believe. Neither did I at first but I did. It slowly sanked it. I woke up in a stranger's bed."

I shake my head, grabbing my hair in frustration.

"Wow, that's... Oh my God! Did you guys? Zara, did you?"

"No... No you don't have to worry about that really. He didn't touched me surprisedly..."

I'm still surprised about that one fact. The fact that he didn't touch me even though I was so vulnerable.

"Are you sure because he might have and you just might have not..."

I chuckle before shaking my head.

"I know what I'm saying Lucia. He didn't touched me, I swear to it."

"Wow, then he must be a gentleman for doing that..."

He indeed is.

"How does he look like?"

"Don't even go there."

I glare at her even though my cheeks were heating up and she quickly raises her hands in surrender.

"Have you been home yet?"

"Yes, mom is still mad at me though u have no idea why she should be. I'm the one who got slapped anyways. Dad isn't back yet, he'll be back tonight and then I have to he at home. But for now, let's just hang out. I want to forget the last thirty eight hours of my life and I don't mean drinking..."

I glare at her and she chuckles before nodding her head at me.

If only I knew that there was no forgetting and there was no going back.

      TBC ♥️.

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