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Season 3

Episode 31

(Is it worth it)

After witnessing what happened, Abby and Andy thought it was the time for them to head back, "Autumn, we have to leave now, there is not much we can do to help, but I will send someone to pick you up tomorrow."

"That would be really nice." Autumn kept her composure. While such a disaster was happening to her own family, she tried to hide her sorrow beneath a cheerful outward appearance. With a smile, she showed Andy's family out.

The guests had seen everything so the only choice for Autumn was to apologize to them one by one, and then walk them out. After the last guest had left, she looked around the empty hall. She sat down, finally relieved.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" What? Don't you recognize me?" Rachel stood in front of Charles.

But Charles gave a brittle laugh and responded scornfully, "You know, I did not expect you were going to stoop down to such low levels. Are you enjoying this ride?"

"I became what you made me!" There was a time when Rachel dreamt how Charles would regret what he had done. Now, the truth has dawned on her that Charles did not give a care about this.

Suddenly she broke down crying as she thought of all her previous painful experiences. "Charles, you are so cruel, you wanted to shatter me to pieces only because of a woman. I couldn't get any projects then. If I hadn't met Edward, I don't even know what would have happened to me."

Rachel was sneering as she recalled how she had become a hostess to drink with strangers before she met Edward. And her hatred of Charles, for old and new wrongs, welled up in her heart, and this time, she wished she could tear Charles into shreds.

"So you are taking your revenge on me this way?" Charles looked at Rachel in front of him coldly and wondered why he had been so blind to date such an evil woman, and thought she was reasonable. "Do you have any idea who it is in there, Rachel? That's my great uncle, he is two generations older than me. And you did not hold back to be with such an old man who almost has one foot in the grave, only because you want your revenge on me. You really want me to look down on you, right?"

"Don't be an egomaniac and don't think too much of yourself. You are not that important." Rachel sneered, she wouldn't let herself fooled by Charles. Because in this situation, she knew it indeed that Edward was her own life-saving straw, and only by firmly grasping this life-saving straw could she continue to live the life that she wanted.

She was afraid that Charles was just testing her. "Since I started going out with Edward, I finally knew how important a mature man is to me. When I was with you, I was just playing. Now Edward and I, we are going to marry each other, so I hope I could have your blessing."

"My blessing?" Charles couldn't help laughing and said, "Why would you want such a illusory thing? Since you are so happy with him, then I hope you two live well."

"You......" Rachel was flustered and exasperated. It took her a long time to ask Charles directly. "Charles, don't you feel any regret at all? Don't you regret choosing Autumn and giving up on me?"
"I do." Charles said it resolutely and decisively, god knows how thrilled Rachel would be to hear this, but what happened next made her collapse. "I regret that I was too blind to be with a woman like you."

"Charles Lu!" Rachel almost lost her temper, but she calmed herself down, she laughed grimly and said, "Anyway, I'm with Edward now, I am now an elder to you, whether you like it or not. I can always wave my wand in front of you. You can't escape from me."

"Is it worth it?" Autumn just stood at the corner, watching from the beginning. She didn't intend to disturb their conversation. To tell the truth, she was really shocked when she knew Rachel had made such a choice at first, but then she felt pity for her, It was really miserable to bet her whole life's happiness on such a man.

Autumn stood quietly by the side of Charles and said to Rachel, "Miss Bai, is it really worth betting your happiness in exchange for a lifetime of revenge against us?"

"And how do you know that I am happy or not?" Rachel looked at Autumn, gnashing her teeth in anger and then said lightly, "I'm telling you that Edward and I are going to get married. There's going to be a wedding soon, then we will be a family. Maybe you'll see me more often."

Rachel smiled and continued, "Edward has become too tired to run the company by himself all these years, he does not have a child. So he wanted to hand the company over to Charles, but they haven't been in touch for years. From now on, we'll have to get in touch more."

Rachel, smiling and holding Autumn's hand, said to her, "Autumn, although we have different seniority in the family, we are almost the same age. We should hang out together more often. Oh, by the way, I have to trouble you to help me with my wedding."

Looking at Rachel's dignified appearance, Autumn had no interest to go against her any more.

Gary slapped Edward's face as soon as he closed the door, he was so angry that his chest fluctuated violently. Usually Edward had a bad temper. If it was someone else, he would have already punched him badly on the face. But it was Gary in front of him, the person who brought him up, so how dare he?

"You little bastard, can you not tell right from wrong!" Gary was going to slap him again. But this time, Edward was prepared and on guard. He caught Gary's hand and shook it away. "Well, that's enough. Didn't you always want me to get a wife? And now that I'm really going to get married, you want to stop it in every possible way. What the hell do you really want?"

"You...... I asked you to find a virtuous lady. Someone whom you could live a good and peaceful life with, but look who you brought back. An actress, who was abandoned by my grandson, I can not accept it, I'm not as shameless as you."

Gary stamped with rage and said, "Do you think she's the kind of person who can live in peace?"

"That's a little harsh." Edward said with a cold face. It was true that Rachel had been with Charles and it was an indisputable fact. He was hesitant at first. However, during their early dating period, he found that Rachel was really a woman who understood his heart.

Whatever he requested, Rachel could get it done for him. This was what made him decide to be with Rachel.

After all, he was no longer young and should get married.

Edward frowned and said to the old man in front of him, "Rachel had been in love with Charles, but that is now a thing of the past. Who hasn't had an ex-boyfirend?" I love Rachel beacuse she knows me and I'm getting to that age when I have to find a woman to live with for the rest of my life."


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